Friday, November 30, 2007

Colorstrology - still my number one search hit.

at Amazon you can buy the book by Michelle Bernhart and check it out for yourself. This is my number one searched item on my blog, it goes back to spelling it incorrectly the 1st time I posted about this concept.
here is the editorial review : from Amazon
Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Colorstrology is a fascinating blend of astrology, numerology, and color theory that offers exciting new insights about our lives and relationships. Written by renowned astrologer Michele Bernhardt with the artists at Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color, the system features 366 "birthday colors" that illustrate who we are and how we behave.

For example, people born on January 29 (like Oprah Winfrey) share the color Keepsake Lilac; they are "ambitious" and "tender" and "born to make a difference . . . it is not uncommon to find [them] in front of an audience." People born on May 11 (like Salvador Dal ) share the color Green Tea. They "have a vivid imagination and can see new ideas and concepts more readily than others."

Using Colorstrology, you'll quickly understand how to enhance your best personality traits with your birthday color. This full-color book features detailed profiles of everyone you know plus 366 perforated swatches so you can take your birthday color wherever you go.

PANTONE , COLORSTROLOGY , and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc.
About the Author
Michele Bernhardt is a respected healer, astrologer, and metaphysician who has worked extensively with the healing aspects of color and sound. She has contributed to many national publications, including Travel + Leisure , Fitness , Seventeen , and The Mia

Monday, November 26, 2007


My Friend K8 lists some things she has learned lately.

so here is a go at this topic.

Game night with Hh is fun, except that I don't understand the stratagy of stratigo !?!? this is supposed to be something we learn and share, this was not one of those things. :)

there are not enough hours in my day to get all the things I want to do done. I still have lots of things that I NEED to do tonight. yet I am blogging.

Magazines multiply in my house like bunnies- the more I give away the more it seems I have.

The Broncos are sucking big time and I am not even watching them.

I like my office, but today had to walk down 6 flights of stairs ( fire drill) so I am hurting tonight. No one can agree on the procedures we need to do before and after leaving our offices. this seems bizarre for a big entity like a school... when I was a fed we had a fire drill everyyear without fail and lots of plans.

Dogs and couch blankets are directly proportional in size... the smaller the dog... the more they want the biggest blanket on and off the couch.

this was fun.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

pics of purple belts

A late thanksgiving wish

We traveled to Topeka and Back - in snow on both ends, but had a lovely time with S's Dad and step-mom.
this was a non- kid year so they are with their other parents.
We had a wonderful meal and lots of R& R there.
I am happy to be home and back to my own bed. The older I get the less I want to sleep in others guest beds....
I am thankful this year, for many things....
My health
my Family
my church
a great job
lots of blessings
my peeps who read my blog.
Happy thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Way

People Who deal with Life generously and large-heartedly go on multiplying relationships to the end.

~Arthur Christopher Benson

This is on my friendship quote calendar for today... I hope that I can exemplify this in my life.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


What Your Handwriting Says About You
You are a fairly energetic person. You know how do pace yourself, and you deal well with stress.
You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times.
You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.
You need a bit of space in your life, but you're not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well.
You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.
You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.
What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?