Sunday, July 04, 2010

happy 4th of July -

Hh is going to a lacrosse game at invesco field with friends and neighbors- there should be great fireworks and fun times. SSD2 wanted to Go home and that is where S will take him this evening too.
we had a nice time yesterday with our Friend Dan and J came by and stayed for dinner and some fun after and before. I am so proud of him, he finally got his driver's licence and is driving his own vehicle. he is a grown up guy these days, It is nice he can set aside some of the things and make a little time for me.
The weather was fairly mild today and we just had a bit of a rain shower- nice for the firemen and police not to worry too much about the fireworks. Maybe we will try to go somewhere for a " view " of some of the 40 to fifty displays happening around the City and Suburbs of Denver.