Thursday, March 31, 2005

wall o'chocolate in Girradelli sqaure- seems like I am dreaming in chocolate tonight! sweet dreams I am off to bed.  Posted by Hello

what a riot of color love the M&M place in Vegas  Posted by Hello

I am so tired ...

I wrote a get well card for my mom tonight and I am so tired I could not think of the home address- amazing that I feel so wierd- sleep deprived, yet I have so many things to do.

I went to bed after 12 last night and was awoken by the phone on my side of the bed ringing at 5:00 am - Steven sleeping very deeply didn't hear it ringing, I went back to sleep briefly then and got up at my regular time.

I worry that I can't sustain this life of minimal sleep for too long. I fell asleep reading to Hannah, I used to do this with Jimmy too!! I just stop on one word and can't go on, she is then saying to me that that that- looking over my shoulder trying to see where we are in the story :) I say sorry, i have to roll over and try to find somehow to stay awake enough to finish the story for her she loves to be read too, I say sorry just so tired...... must sleep......

Crocs are a fun type of shoe, made with close cell foam - this is a layout comemorating a day of Croc buying with girlfriends.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Me Scrapping Posted by Hello

The working world

Sometimes it sucks to have to have to have a job - I wish I could do what i loved and stay home and have a fun life of lesure. but no I have to work in order to fund all those kids lunches, jeans and sneakers they need! I figured yesterday I have to work 4 hours a week to pay for school lunches that really bites:) but it beats the headache of having one more thing to do before getting three kids out the door before 7:30 am in the morning.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

an ordinary life

I love this passage - it is so me! yes I too want to know " what did you have for lunch? " love

If you really love someone, you want to know what they ate for lunch or dinner without you. Hi, sweetie, how was your day, what did you have for lunch? Or if your mate was out of town on business: How was your trip, did the meeting go well, what did you do for dinner? Jason will stumble home in the wee hours from a bachelor party, and as he crawls into bed I’ll pry myself from sleep long enough to mumble, how was the party, how was the restaurant beforehand? The meal that has no bearing on the relationship appears to be breakfast. I can love you and not know that when you were in Cincinnati last Wednesday you had yogurt and a bagel.

author Amy Rosental


I never thought I would believe those moms and others that said - oh the teen years - are the most difficult. But those ladies and gents know what they are talking about , add in the twisted way we have blended families today and there you are.... enough to make a sane mom a crazy person. the oldest at 14 has issues and the next one at 13 has even more. Since the 13 year old is mine from a previous marriage and the 14 year old came to live with us from my husband's previous marriage he started to live with us last year and started high school too, I think I am going insane.

Mine has raging hormones and raging anger at me, the world, the unfairnesses in life and his dad, he wants to live a fantasy life with Dad- who doesn't really want him cramping his style- he pissed cause we set rules and boundries and have expectations for his life. Where has my little boy gone? The boy I loved and was so loving back? I am struggling to accept this independant fierce young man who lives in my house but "doesn't care" about anything these days. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make this stage go away, I know In my heart I will be stronger for going through this but really I don't want too :)

An interesting topic

How others see our scrapbook obsession/ passion reading on Scrapability scrap rants just now a blog by Michelle T

I too realized that some people who have never sat and made a scrapbook or even a page layout might view my hobby with distain and a warped sense of it" is all fancy sissors and doilies " but it is much more than that, it is a way to create - art- and for me an outlet for all the other hobbies, I used to have, plus my love for my family and friends. It lets me paint, sew, take photos, create graphics and choose fonts and most of all write the stories of our lives and what they mean to me.

I hope we will be portrayed in the media in a better light than just women who run with sissors ! I hope the ads and marketing folks take a look at us " women" and see all the purchasing power a scrapper can have.

Monday, March 28, 2005

new to Blogs

Here I sit listening to the t.v and video games of my great husband and falling asleep from work and play today.

wanting to journal some thoughts, just too tired once I sit and think in the evening.