Friday, August 31, 2007

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

how are those for some words for you?? expensive stuff, made from shellfish and I don't know what, meant to help with joints ( not the smoking kind) like knees.... Why you may ask am I talking about this?? Well this photo was taken moments before I fell on my knees, really landing on the right one full on. It got pretty swollen, though the nurse on duty gave me great care and they brought me ice and we elevated and rested for the next two days they drove me most places so I didn't have to hike, but in the end I had a big big purple bruise, so I gave in and went to my Kaiser Doc.... well he took and x-ray..... and I really hadn't messed up anything to badly.
he offered to give me some pain meds, but I declined and decided to take my advil and get on with moving and staying active ( scince I had already been on it for a week at that point).
So to make this long story even longer, a few days went by and I get an e-mail. well low and behold I have arthitis in my knee read by the x-ray doctor , I have had it for a while. SO... one of the recomendations was the above combination of dietary suppliments not a cheap fix but if it works great, i can least try it and see if I get a little relief. :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

new altered project

My newest fun altered project, this is a BE brand desk file holder/sorter I used the wild asparagus line of paper "tres jolie" the front frames are a k and Company Marcella line metal frame, and in the outside frames are dementional susan branch stickers. I used acrylic paints and semi luster mod podge to preserve it and add a nice shiney finish. but the paper is what really makes this a pretty project.


the Boulder turnpike , I usually have been taking the bus, but this day I drove with traffic. love those blue colorado skys.
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1st day of school, last year of elementary

sad and Happy for me as a mom, the last one to be in elementary and the 1st day of a new school year.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

School's in

Can you believe it my girlly girl is off to 6th grade this year? the last of the kids at home and now the last one in elementary school. She is very excited to go back to school, it has been a long boring summer for her.
She and SSD1 have gone to karate twice a week and that has been good for her. But she is ready to go DO something.
The boys are starting tomorrow too. I'll be looking forward to a little occupation all around. SSD1 is going to go to the technical school again and the last semester for him he will be there full time. I think he really is looking forward to that. He is in the culinary arts program. J has deceided to continue with public school ( I think some of his peers actually shamed him into it) so we will see how and when this will change.
SSD2 is going to be in 10th grade and is doing well, we look for him to be in the basketball program again this year. He is telling eveyone he wants braces, but I think a doctor or dentist visit to sit still and have some one give you pain is more than he really can wrap his brain around.
My Job is GREAT!!!!! I can hardly believe it has bee a little more than a month. I have already given 3 new employee benefits orientations. I am going to a convocation on thursday- should be interesting. I was told it is something fun especially if you are an alumni too.
so enough catching up, will try to post up HH tommorrow sometime.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Here I am at the end of the course - beaded and ready to go back to Gilwell ,happy land, I am going to work my ticket if I can !
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A combined church service at the Chapel at Tahosa

Looking out over the lake.
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nothing but blue sky

can you believe what a glorious morning this was? these are skys that you will only see in the mountains, so blue and crisp.

this is the Wood badge flag of Troop 1 antelope patrol had the flag ceremony this day ( saturday morning)
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I am back

Me at Wood Badge 2nd Weekend. This was the first morning, so I look pretty good here! Later I had a couple of good spills and managed to really mess up a knee. But I did things I didn't think I could, I am challanging my self to do other things I didn't think I would and I can't wait. :)
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

a few more pictures

Home sweet tent - borrowed from the P's it was great worked wonderfully

Cool clouds on day 3 - saturday morning after a good rain at Tahosa

My patrol mates and our guide !

I think I am going to make scrapping part of my ticket!! yeah buddy arn't these hummingbirds increadable.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I am an antelope

yup We5-61-2-07 antelope ! my weekend was fabulous and long, I am sore and tired and today was a long day at work. but I have grinned from ear to ear the entire day.

this is the best thing I have done in a very long time. fun with a purpose as B.P. would put it.

learning new and exciting things. making new and fun friends and patrol mates. Worrying about my ticket items a bit.

yup two days of no showers here

but still smiling.