Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look Back, Day 2 (Freeze Time)

Look Back, Day 2 (Freeze Time)

Great video here from one of my favorite scrappers ( simple) - Stacy Jullian

What a great project, it reminds me of the album I creted for my Woodbadge, and one I created for Steven And I on our 5th year aniversary


there is a site called 1000 awesome things

and it is cute and funny and right on the money. Enjoy some awesome things in your life.

today is :

a week or so ago

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mom Van nets Good all around!

Well we donated the Van to a great Program in Denver, this is the 3rd car we donated! to Step 13 real change , not spare change. that is their motto, and what a blessing all around, When we got the new vehicle we asked about a trade and the dealer was only going to give us 100$ so we said well we will give it away then and we know just who will get it. it was running and not in terible shape so they were able to sell it right away and we got 8x's what we would have from the trade. ( we can write it off on taxes!!)
great way to make a difference.
Picture above is from a year ago when we had some terrible hail storms in our area. - fair well Mom van.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I didn't want to leave you all with my open mouth for too long. so I have to put up at least a nice image.

Hh is " babysitting" tonight, She had a blast at waterworld yesterday and did pretty well not getting herself too burned up. one of the hotest days we have had in a long time.

A porch is the only real reward you need after a long summer's day .

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

off to the Dentist

way in the back on the left side of the photo is my temp fillng had a root canal done 2 weeks agao and now going to get a better hard surface repair

I found a nice dentist and he is gentle I like that he does the minimal thing and doesn't try to sell me on things i don't need done. he has a great office /hyginist too

Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Together

S and SSD1 and SSD2 - 2 is in front with S - what a great group shot
Me and hh and J- we are a good group too- love all these kids and my wonderful husband.

Here we all are ! amazing ! Outstanding! Fantastic!

Traditional but oh so lovely - I am so happy we are all together. I have to say thank you so much to S's mom for this GIFT. She is getting hers too, they should be arriving tomorrow. but she mandated the boys and us to just DO this and it came out great.

life is good - the best surprise

LIFE IS GOOD from HH for my back window
Love my spoiler and stripe

Love my running shoes and side markers! love my color - IGNITION

Love me my boy J - checking it out before we were off for the birthday purchases. he got shoes and a sweet new snowboarding jacket for his 19th birthday.... I let him drive this little sweet car too.
Life is truly good

graduation day -

What a wonderfully sunny day we all suffered and had to borrow sun screen !! red rocks was fantastic, all the rain we had made the vegetation green, the rocks red and the sky blue!
SSD2 was well rehearsed and able to go all the way down to the stage get across with a bit of help and guidance and get his diploma - fantastic. Gram Olie and PJ were there for support as was Hh and I even though it was the last day of open enrollment ( i had to go to work and stay till 5 pm) but it was so worth it. we are very proud of our wonderful son.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Needing to get back to regular updates

Life has handed me a long list of to do's and at the end of the day I want to not do anymore.

But I have had a few great things that I haven't even covered here at all . 1st of all SSD2 has graduated!! unbelievable in some ways the best thing ever in others. He was wonderfully composed and did well through a long ceremony at Red Rocks amphitheater. He did not get the actual paper diploma, as he will be continuing to receive services from Jefferson county transitional services - this program geared to help him transition to bus riding and making his way to his Job ( he is employed one day a week!) I don't know if we ever dared to dream this type of good stuff would happen.

While we celebrated with SSD2, S' mom joined us with her friend PJ- for all the good stuff, she sprang for the best gift ever - a family photo- all of us and some of us and groups of us had pictures taken. We love them and will post up a few here as well as send hard copies to all the folks who will enjoy having the paper version as well as the digital version.

J has finally Made it too ! I am so proud he persevered and got his actual diploma and now has his Driver's licence too! it was a joy to have all the boys together in our photo and he is so handsome and sweet he agreed to do it for me. I love that kid - he turned 19 on may 30th too. unreal where the time has gone I will never know.

Hh is getting ready for high school - yikes hard to believe that we will be doing all kinds of things with her ( she was accepted to the PAH- program ) a performing arts and humanities studies inside her high school program. She has expresses a desire to go out for Softball, and we are spending some time and money outfitting the girl for the summer and beyond.