Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st game day pictures

last batting photo- resulted in an arm injury ( remember J? from football ) intersting, not career ending may be a little shy of the batters next time though.
so tonight was a double header and we lost one 7-4 and we won one 11-8 so there you have it.

1st game day

Hh has her 1st game today for Softball in high school - she is excited but also hurting ( she is managing shin splints at the moment) I have my camera and will try to get some photos for you all.

Monday, August 23, 2010

no longer my little girl?!

annual tradition, the first day of school photo! we have taken lots of photos here, but this is the last child for now and we are just begining the last 4 years prior to going off on our own? !!

I promised not to cry and I didn't this morning.

you are the sweet girl I know inside - just in a grown up body. Love you lots Hh

more bathroom photos

The towel rack with pretty towels and flower accent
Another view of flowers and new faucet and the re-freshed mirror cabinet

The little details like white and blue trimmed out cabinet made this a lot more fun another little glimpse of the tile work J did. and the trim S did

lastly the doors ah the doors that began this project.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Freshman Parents-3rd team

the game day and practice schedule has been dictated to us, the fund raisers are a coming soon. we are a bit overwhelmed with competitive sports... I hope everyone who knows us will have their support wallets available :-) yikes.

I really feel very green. they need score keepers and photogs ( that may be something I can do )

there are all kinds of stressors for Hh but she is managing. we told her tonight a bath was in order - she has shin splints - and hurts. she will work though it in her own time, she wants ExJ's approval, but he has never given much in the way of support for any of the activities she has been involved with. I hope he can give more to this - but know he really won't so a little sad and hard on her.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


self portrait ala Hh - she's off to her first day 1/2 a day orientation and PAH bbq - as well as her first official Pamona Softball practice.
I am OMG - I can't believe it is the 1st day of HS for her.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tile- Emergency inducing

Hh picked up the flowers for decorating- the freshly painted blue grey walls

New shower doors these prompted the entire - re-model frenzy

The outstanding tile layed by J, just prior to cutting his thumb nearly of three tiles from the end of the job.
this is an amazingly beautiful layout with a ton of triangle cuts that J had to make mostly with a razor knife, that is what nearly sliced his thumb right off.

Monday, August 16, 2010

an emergency- and a floor

So my E.R Baby - strikes again. J nearly severed part of his thumb while at the house over the weekend cutting in Tiles for the upstairs bathroom. Why on a sunday? seems like this kid was destined to have emergencies. He was almost done and had about three cuts left to do when the razor utility knife cut right through the thumb but left it attached at the fingerprint pad. we were going to go and have dinner out but that got cutailed with and ER visit.
he got about 8 stiches and the doc used some super glue on his nail to hold it all together, we will see how it does in the next day or so, he has it wraped pretty well right now, but he will have to see it tomorrow . the ER recomended to go to a hand specialist too. so one step at a time right now. Life with boys always an adventure ( you seriously can't make this stuff up.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keen on new sandals

I have been in search of a new pair of sandals for all of the summer, and really starting last year too, I have bought a few things but none that picked my fancy like these. My friend K8 already knows they are cool and comfy and great... I just really never had a chance to " find a great place to try them on, I also Have a wide foot and it is sometimes hard for me to get into a shoe ....

Well Hh and I were on a quest for softball gear and I said since we were at Dick's sporting good I was going to at least look at the sandals so I did find these and have been wearing them ever since. they are navy with a grey foot bed and oh so snug and nice to wear. they even have siping for extra traction in the lug soles. I LOVE them .

Friday, August 13, 2010

No Love

No Love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.

Fancois Mauriac
Today is the last day for Lisa, the person we hired for Colorado Springs benefits office, unbelievable that it is a short time we became good friends, we shared lots and it was nice to have a chat buddy even though it was alot of work related items. She has had a rough year but was offered a really good paying job not too far from home and we can't compete with our no raises from the University. So good Luck and much Success my friend I will miss you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well life has been hectic and full of issues

I am very sorry for the lack of communication.

Life has kicked me in the butt ( literally) I had a boil on my big butt and it turned into a major issue, I have not been that ill in a very long time. It was infected and had to have a drain and antibiotics for a 10 day stint before I felt really any better :) S was a real trooper and cleaned and packed the wound with care for many days. I am on the mend and itchy so I believe I am healing.

Before that we went on a trip to Nebraska ( Hardy) for a Pedersen side family reunion. in the middle of the July heat wave, we took the new Kia and had fun got great gas mileage. It was a fast turn around, Hh during that week was at Camp Grandma's for the first time in a couple years. That required extra drive time up and back to Colorado springs. Her and Gramps went on high adventure, to the airforce academy, the Olympic training center, Cripple creek, Seven Falls and to the fine arts Museum.

Last week we had my Brother Gg here for the beginning of his vacation. he stayed with us and we had fun entertaining him and he entertained us. During that time we have had issues in the bathroom upstairs for a while but the shower doors were very old (20) and needed to be replaced so Sunday after he was on his way to the next destination we replaced the shower doors, but in doing that S lost a screw down the sink, he then went to get it out with a magnet on a stick and managed to poke a hole right through the P trap it was old ( 25) too! so off to the hardware store and a simple fix is now a mini re-model with new paint and new hardware and a new lick and stick tile floor, so a few more days before we have it ready again for company.

Gg and I had a great little side trip to Rocky mountain national park (RMNP) and Estes Park. it was a lovely day and we took lots of photos of him and me in the new soul. so I will post some up soon.

We had a fantastic Dinner on Saturday night at a restaurant in the Hotel Monaco called Panzano's the food was wonderful and fresh , the service attentive and pleasant. Yummy would go there again I told S he could take me back there. fantastic bread and we had calamari appetizer that was out of this world tender and tasty.

Gg, Hh and I went to the Ellie Calkins Opera House at the Denver preforming arts complex - a outstanding venue, to see Natalie Merchant on aug 3rd, a fantastic show, musically I can't think of many better a performance I have witnessed in a long time. her newest album " leave your sleep" She was Fabulous and musicians she had playing with her were great too. she danced and sang her way through her newest album, go check it out online, poems set to music. So good.