Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keen on new sandals

I have been in search of a new pair of sandals for all of the summer, and really starting last year too, I have bought a few things but none that picked my fancy like these. My friend K8 already knows they are cool and comfy and great... I just really never had a chance to " find a great place to try them on, I also Have a wide foot and it is sometimes hard for me to get into a shoe ....

Well Hh and I were on a quest for softball gear and I said since we were at Dick's sporting good I was going to at least look at the sandals so I did find these and have been wearing them ever since. they are navy with a grey foot bed and oh so snug and nice to wear. they even have siping for extra traction in the lug soles. I LOVE them .

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