Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well life has been hectic and full of issues

I am very sorry for the lack of communication.

Life has kicked me in the butt ( literally) I had a boil on my big butt and it turned into a major issue, I have not been that ill in a very long time. It was infected and had to have a drain and antibiotics for a 10 day stint before I felt really any better :) S was a real trooper and cleaned and packed the wound with care for many days. I am on the mend and itchy so I believe I am healing.

Before that we went on a trip to Nebraska ( Hardy) for a Pedersen side family reunion. in the middle of the July heat wave, we took the new Kia and had fun got great gas mileage. It was a fast turn around, Hh during that week was at Camp Grandma's for the first time in a couple years. That required extra drive time up and back to Colorado springs. Her and Gramps went on high adventure, to the airforce academy, the Olympic training center, Cripple creek, Seven Falls and to the fine arts Museum.

Last week we had my Brother Gg here for the beginning of his vacation. he stayed with us and we had fun entertaining him and he entertained us. During that time we have had issues in the bathroom upstairs for a while but the shower doors were very old (20) and needed to be replaced so Sunday after he was on his way to the next destination we replaced the shower doors, but in doing that S lost a screw down the sink, he then went to get it out with a magnet on a stick and managed to poke a hole right through the P trap it was old ( 25) too! so off to the hardware store and a simple fix is now a mini re-model with new paint and new hardware and a new lick and stick tile floor, so a few more days before we have it ready again for company.

Gg and I had a great little side trip to Rocky mountain national park (RMNP) and Estes Park. it was a lovely day and we took lots of photos of him and me in the new soul. so I will post some up soon.

We had a fantastic Dinner on Saturday night at a restaurant in the Hotel Monaco called Panzano's the food was wonderful and fresh , the service attentive and pleasant. Yummy would go there again I told S he could take me back there. fantastic bread and we had calamari appetizer that was out of this world tender and tasty.

Gg, Hh and I went to the Ellie Calkins Opera House at the Denver preforming arts complex - a outstanding venue, to see Natalie Merchant on aug 3rd, a fantastic show, musically I can't think of many better a performance I have witnessed in a long time. her newest album " leave your sleep" She was Fabulous and musicians she had playing with her were great too. she danced and sang her way through her newest album, go check it out online, poems set to music. So good.

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