Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cherry Pie

Your Karaoke Theme Song is "Livin' On a Prayer"
You believe the best things in life are mostly forgotten, and you're definitely more than a little nostalgic .You're likely to still like the same foods, fashions, and music as you did when you were a teenager.
You have a knack for knowing what elements of pop culture people have missed, without them even realizing it.It's great to remember the past, but don't forget that not everyone is as stuck in it as you are.
You might also sing: "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "Rapper's Delight," and "Cherry Pie"
Stay away from people who sing: "Toxic"

Monday, September 24, 2007

weather, chili and bambi

Today we had one of the greyest days I can remember - and Rain, wow and hail - yikes. I got to work a bit early, because we were having a fall chili cookoff and fun hour to team build at Lunch and I took my very famous secret ingredient chili. as I was going down the turnpike the rain started in earnest and by the time I was in front of the building... it was hailing and raining cats and dogs.

as for the chili- well you might have to dig in the archives to see what the secret ingredient is. But everyone loved it anyway!! It was the perfect day to eat chili and kick off fall. I made " silver spoon" awards for the best chili - the winner ( not me) got one with a blue ribbon. And a star bucks card.

the boys and S were disapointed that none of the chili made it back home. it was eaten and enjoyed.

we moved offices at work today, so I now have a more permanent home- but the phones are messed up and now no one has a key to thier own office. It is pretty funny. I went from two windows down to one that is a bummer-- but I got more wall space instead. so now I need to find a few things to take for my walls. I think I need a few plants too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Green Belts

Hh an SSD1 made it to green belt in Karate at Seo's national Karate!! HH got a perfect attendance medal too. it gets a little more competitive and tougher from here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Four leaf Clover

Joanna Campbell Slan is writing on a blog called Killer Hobbies and I found this article in the archives and wanted to link here for K8 because we did this this year on spring break. We found a bunch of four leaf clover and it was so fun that K8 actually found them too. It is all about your perspective on life. Luck is where you find it.

here is her point :
Here's the point: In finding four-leaf clovers, as in most of life, luck is where you find it--and it's all in the way you look at things.
Posted by Joanna Campbell Slan at Killer Hobbies

now my tootsies

I treated myself to a pedicure too. .... love this treat and the cute designs. this is not my usual color choice I like deep reds or brilliant purples so this is nice change pretty in pink.
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New hair cut is long in front shot and layered in back, the Hair dresser advised that the bangs newly cut in will not lay flat do to a " stupid cowlick" Hh chose and explained this is a Rihanna type of cut. you go girl ......
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these are Hh's new pedicured nails, as a treat after her Green belt Graduation she got hair and nails. a photo of Hair is next...
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Friday, September 14, 2007

Mad Greens

Interesting place to eat lunch, not far from my office in Boulder. Mad Greens I went there with a work mate and had a really yummy salad last week, today I had a Panini it was yummy too.

There are lots of place in Boulder with good eats because there are lots of pople to eat lots all day. Right across the street from My office is a great little italian place, and next door to that a bagel place, across the way a Thai Restarant that this same co-worker recomends we go too soon.... there is the tea house that we went to when my Brother was here a couple of summer's ago. Well I just have to save up my pennies and do lunch every once in a while.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What are we made of?

"We imagine we would be all right if a big crisis arose; but the big crisis will only reveal the stuff we are made of, it will not put anything into us." Oswald Chambers

Rebecca Sower had this quote on her web site today, and My girl Kate too! Seems a good thing to Meme them with it here too.
The two pictures above are New York, New york Las vegas style. but since I have never been to NY city proper these are the photos I have to remind me of the twin towers, The recent history of this event in our lives will touch us all for a long time. As I drove to work today I reflected on how much my life has changed in the 6 years that have gone by, but every year this aniversary marks a pivitol place in my life and that of my family. I didn't lose anyone I know of personnally that day, but all the lives lost touched my soul, the memorey as clear as if this happened last week not 6 years ago. My S lost his job, we went on a jaunt to SLC, UT the weekend after this happened on a Tuesday- it was a weird trip full of people on the roadways and in hotels and everywhere news on all the time. ( there were still no planes flying) Creepy in someways, end of days in someways. But we did survive as a nation, and that which didn't kill us made us all stronger. I think I have come out stronger on the other side. I think S would say so too. I know America has too.
Stay strong, and don't ever forget this day.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

whoops !! blogger thought I was done

Little did it know that I was less than done , when it posted the one liner below.

See I wanted to talk about Colorology and Colorstrology. These are my edge in the blogging world. It is a funny thing that my blog just get hit on hit for this title and subject matter. Pantone Colorstrology web site
My personal color is Orchid Hush - a kind of purple/grey
MOST PEOPLE born on this day are highly evolved. You have a sensitive nature that does not understand cruelty, greed or ugliness. Artistic and kind, you can be giving to a fault. Try not to be so hard on yourself. It is vital for you to express your creative talents and to surround yourself with people who honor and respect you. Your personal color helps you vibrate to your highest frequency. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Orchid Hush helps you stay magical and lighthearted as you build your dreams into visions of glory.


Go see for yourself - According to Michele Bernhardt, "Your birthday color may or may not be your favorite color, but it is a color designed to nurture the real you to recognize, celebrate and honor your own TRUE COLORS. While your color preferences may change as you evolve, your birthday color remains constant."

So I am shamlessly adding one more blogger hitable colorology link and reference. yeah me.

I am adding this to my wish list of birthday items LOL :)

for the love of Pete! !