Tuesday, September 04, 2007

whoops !! blogger thought I was done

Little did it know that I was less than done , when it posted the one liner below.

See I wanted to talk about Colorology and Colorstrology. These are my edge in the blogging world. It is a funny thing that my blog just get hit on hit for this title and subject matter. Pantone Colorstrology web site
My personal color is Orchid Hush - a kind of purple/grey
MOST PEOPLE born on this day are highly evolved. You have a sensitive nature that does not understand cruelty, greed or ugliness. Artistic and kind, you can be giving to a fault. Try not to be so hard on yourself. It is vital for you to express your creative talents and to surround yourself with people who honor and respect you. Your personal color helps you vibrate to your highest frequency. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Orchid Hush helps you stay magical and lighthearted as you build your dreams into visions of glory.


Go see for yourself - According to Michele Bernhardt, "Your birthday color may or may not be your favorite color, but it is a color designed to nurture the real you to recognize, celebrate and honor your own TRUE COLORS. While your color preferences may change as you evolve, your birthday color remains constant."

So I am shamlessly adding one more blogger hitable colorology link and reference. yeah me.

I am adding this to my wish list of birthday items LOL :)

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