Thursday, July 28, 2005

michelle's survey

Scrapbooking Style
Traditional paper based or Digital? Or Both (Biscraptual)?Both ( bi-scraptual)
Other Mixed Media Arts?yes- small books-fabric
Define Your Style in 5 or less wordsclassic, big picture, smart
Name your Scrapping Heroeslove Rebecca sower, her journaling and style
Social Scrapping
2Peas or Not?Not
One forum lover or spreader of your joy?Spreader
Active Member, Moderator, or Lurker?moderator, lurker, sometimes active
Do you Scrapblog?Yup- CreativeChronicals
Do you Attend Crops, and if so - how regularly?yes - try to find one about 1xmonth
Do you Attend Scrapbooking Events and Retreats - if so, how regularly?yes, try to at laest once a year
Scrapbooking Objectives and Profile
Are you or would you like to be a Scrapbooking Designer?No - I don't think so
Would you Like to Make Money from Scrapping?Yes maybe a little
Is Scrapbooking a Career Objective - fulltime or parttime?would love to translate it to career-not sure how
Do you scrap for yourself, your family or others?all - of the above
Is it about the legacy, the memory or the art?The memory and the art for me
How Many Hours on average per week do you plan / actually do towards scrapbooking?not as many as I would like ,5 maybe
Average Monthly Budget for Scrapping Supplies?nothing set in stone
How many scrapping magazines do you buy/subscribe to on average per month?subscribe to two, buy one
How many Idea Books do you own?10 or so
A Bit About You
How many years have you been scrapping?14 about
Define your family and partnership statusMarried to a great hubby, 2 kids of mine, 2 kids of his none of ours!
Fultime worker, part-time worker, fultime at homeFull time work outside my home- and Mommy
Just Some Fun
What do you think will be the next big product / trend in scrapping?more personalized service and products
What old product / trend would you like to see make a comeback?embossing -glossing-varnishes- shiny dementional items
What's your favourite website to do with scrapping? (Only one!)scraptalk- they are able to look at many other sites and recomend lots of products


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

BSA jambo

we have a friend Dan P. at the Jamboree - can't wait to hear all about the good time he had there

sorry to hear the news of tradgedy on the first day. will post more tomorrow

meme on ICE

this was on Michelle at scrapability this morning, thanks for the reminder to do this

"I saw this pop up first on Angie Pedersen’s blog here via Ken Leebow and now it’s just appeared on a blogging blog here. This is one of the best examples of the power of a web meme that I could give you. Tracing this concept over the net would be a great task for some cultural masters doctorate to do. And more - this is a meme which should be spread, because it is a very powerful and worthy message.

ICE = In Case of Emergency. The concept is simple - in your mobile phones put in the ICE acronym and the phone number of your closest emergency contact. The meme is covering through the US at the moment, but it actually was started by one person over here in my local county.

Bob Brotchie is the guy’s name. He is a paramedic officer for the East Anglian Ambulance Trust, and conceived the concept of ICE when he and his coworkers kept coming back with tales at accidents of going through all the stored addresses in some accident victim’s mobile phone, trying to locate their spouse or similar. Often these victims couldn’t talk for themselves - and the officers only had a short time to try and find out their next of kin and medical details. The whole thing was profiled in local newspapers over here for many weeks. And the link I’ve given you was an article put up by the East Anglian Ambulance in April of this year - you can see how the concept has spread since then."

take some time to help yourself today

wishing I had the right answer

Off to work this morning, we are getting ready and I ask S- so what is your schedule and can you go by the costco or sams and pick up an item we need at church tonight. I am not sure the fall out after this- but it ended up with me apologizing for rolling my eyes and not caring- something I have been accused alot of these days- see the kids Dad told me this very same thing a few days ago, when I was not as sympathetic as I should have been when he stands there telling me all about his hernia and need for repair, along with his probability he will go bankrupt- I know the two times are not fully related, but I must come off as callus and mean to both these men?

I truly am sorry to S for somehow stressing him out.

as for ex-hubby- no sorry my give-a dam-is busted

Monday, July 25, 2005

tea wonderful tea

we went to dinner at the boulder tea house it was outstanding - we had a great time and all the kids went - we enjoyed the company of friends too.

it is so beuatiful and worth a side trip if you are out this way.

days go by

my days have been busy, we are doing VBS ( vacation bible school) starting tonight at Church until friday-

I have been engrossed in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince I finished it last night - bummer ending- does not make me happy

the days and nights have been unbearably hot here- so not much computer time, we have actually been shutting them off to keep the basement cooler.

These have literally been the dog days of summer

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Photos by ME-QT

trying to get him doing little bunny hops - kept getting his butt and side and never in the air will have to try durring the day. last one for tonight of these. Posted by Picasa

a different angle-- head on! he is lovn' it and happy  Posted by Picasa

J with the new bike - cool photo with my Kodak camera set to the sport setting and following him along Posted by Picasa

A new bike

J got a new bike today - DiamondBack- brand, Mr. Lucky - I hope it is luckier than the last one. The last one ended up in a big pile in the garbage, after a trip to the emergency room. J went to some Dirt Jumps near the house and fell into his handlebars and dug his break handle into his left upper thigh, after a trip to the ER where he got 9 more stiches and an xray the bike was not repairable.

and it has been a rough year- I wanted to get it for him by his birthday in May instead he managed to mess that up pretty well with the skipping school and getting detention. So we have been working toward this from that point. We took away wheels of all forms in the spring after the grades were not getting any better. So now wheels are back and my son seems to be a little happier and he is riding it right now, I will go take a photo and post it later on.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Scrapbook Extravaganza-Denver

Oh BOY!!

we were pretty excited the four of us that went - me and three friends, Ahead of time we tried to figure out just where this was going to be... the National Western Complex- Hall of Education- imagine "fairgrounds" Stock shows, and Scout show takes place here quite often, a great venue for the last three things- not so great for scrappers.

one friend and I have been there on serveral occasions for the Denver area, Scout show, a load noisey mess of boys, parents and fun. This is the right place to hold this event, my boys love it. but I digress.....

For the money we paid $40.00 each because we managed to get 4 of us together, we were disapointed with the venue. There are lots of places in Denver we could have gone for probably the same amount of money, and had a much better " learning enviroment". With the sponser being the lifelong learning center- aka skil path- a well known and liked trainer of software and other managment and customer service training it was surprising that they didn't scope out things ahead of time. The traditional teacher was not up to speed on tecnique and the Digital teacher did get better marks, though the sound system and screens were hard to hear, see and concentrate on. We were placed into partictioned off areas with bad lighting and terrible speakers systems. The overhead speakers were actually worse than those old charlie brown cartoons, were the teacher is in the background going" blah, blah, blah in a high pitch tone.

there were serveral vendors there, most with basic items to buy. Archivers was there too, with a nice coupon and a $50 gift card for one luck winner. There was a few tables to display your layouts and it was nice to share and see what others have done. But overall the experience for the money was a big fat D in my book. A+ for my friends who stuck it out with me and we went to dinner and had a nice time together- so in real scrappers terms it was a sucess in that we got together had fun, put a few pages together and shared a nice time.

I hope that this group will consider coming to Denver Again and doing it in a different place, ask any girls scrappers here and they would help you find the best location in town, plus my worst pet peave about the whole thing, we all had to pay to park too!! another $6 bucks each yikes.

Friday, July 15, 2005

what kind of blogger are you?

Your Blogging Type is Social and Responsible
You enjoy blogging and do all you can to advance the blogging community.
From helping friends set up blogs to getting rid of spam - you take a leadership role.
A super blogger, you tend to blog regularly. You'd hate to disappoint your audience.
And always appropriate, there's no way you'd blog something too personal!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


this from Angie Petersen's scrapbook new blog:

Via Carrie Colbert's Handle Life With Care blog:

Last week, BHG [Better Homes & Gardens' Scrapbooks ETC] announced their new Creative Team for 2006. Such a talented line-up of ladies!!!

  • Erin Roe
  • Lisa Storms
  • Erica Hernandez
  • Patricia Anderson
  • Erikia Ghumm
  • Dana Smith
  • Jen Lessinger
  • Nia Reddy
  • Rhonda Bonifay
  • Lee Ann Russell

Yesterday, Melissa Inman, editor of BHG Scrapbooks, Etc., made this announcement:

I wanted to share with all of you that we have asked several people to join our team as contributing editors, taking on more behind-the-scenes responsibility. The eight people who will now be listed as contributing editors in the magazine are:

  • Carrie Colbert
  • Candi Gershon
  • Leah Fung
  • Tracy Kyle
  • Polly Maly
  • Anita Matejka
  • Heather Melzer
  • Erin Terrell

As our business grows, we find ourselves needing more help from the creative minds around us. These women will help plan and manage stories for the regular issue, as well as help develop special issues and bookazines in the future.

Work work work

I am working at home today! a small luxury it affords me time to not answer the phone and deal with customers. I don't mind them most of the time, but when you are doing detail work it is hard to take your concentration from one thing to totally switch gears and do something else and answer questions on demand.

the Kids have been pretty good about leaving me be too- so now I am off to get them a little bit of luncha nd a quick trip to the library.

I may actually get to scrap a bit today if I can make it to the bottom of my pile on my desk.

an apointment for Jimmy this afternoon will take a bit of time. one other thing I want to get done is his photos- so maybe off to costco to get that done.

I am hoping we can work on the bathroom a bit this weekend, I am so sick of not having a sink. LOL

tatafornow will write more later today

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kate, Donna, Rich  Posted by Picasa

my friend Kate ...

The one that I write to-- sent me a photo this week, so wonderful her, mom Donna and Brother Rich.

so good to see you my friend. Glad to hear from you , so very glad you can easily keep up with me and mine here on my blog. I miss you and wish we could get together sooner than later. I will be really missing you scrapping this weekend. I have so many great memories of time spent laughing and scrapping with you at Kathy M's scrapbook store....

will be sending you a card soon, hugs and kisses to J. too. your friend - Tamara

our neighbors and friends, Rhonda and Jim got married this weekend- right in thier own back yard with all us neighbors, friends and family! I love this shot, WITH THIS RING I THEE WED Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005

boys are home

10 days and the kids are all here. the Scout master of the troop took tons of photos and the boys took pictures too.
can wait to scrap this little adventure,J got 5 merit badges and D got 3, good going, I think they were excited and happy to be home J got stung by a wasp at the troopmasters house the only time since they have been home.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Scrapping Extravaganza

We are attending the Scrapbook extravaganza on July 16th in Denver!

interesting this is being put on by a " learning" company. There are several breakout sessions mostly focusing on photoshop elements.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Go Brits

Great job today showing the world, we will fight back with peace and world aid.

my thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery from a small black eye.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Link to Exploration Place

This is the cool Exploration Place we visited, we have been there two times now, really fun as you can see from our photos

this is a direct link to the weather lab page

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

here is the weather man as it is right in our neigborhood! right over our heads, lightning, flooding, power outages, and hail Posted by Picasa

a real one visible in the upper left had sky in this picture. Steven is the brave soul taken these pictures while the rest of us were in the basement doing shelter watching.  Posted by Picasa

the Indoor tornado inside the center. very cool to see the smoke get blown around and into the funnel shape.  Posted by Picasa

the real weather man on the air just minutes after I took Hh's picture, the Storm already barreling toward where we were. it was exciting to see t.v in action close up.  Posted by Picasa

She is pointing to a cell that would later be the largest thunderstom that the area had seen in about 12 years, moving to the south and east it made wichita by night fall Posted by Picasa

Hh At the green screen at exploration place, the weather lab is sponsered by a local t.v. channel Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

Back to Denver!

What a whirlwind trip. Denver to Wichita and Back in three days. But here we are home again.

I almost had a mishap today, I had a car in my blind spot and pulled out ahead of him, boy was that Driver and passenger mad, I was very sorry and didn't do it on purpose- it scared me as much as it scared them I am sure.

will post some photos in a day or two.