Monday, July 18, 2005

Scrapbook Extravaganza-Denver

Oh BOY!!

we were pretty excited the four of us that went - me and three friends, Ahead of time we tried to figure out just where this was going to be... the National Western Complex- Hall of Education- imagine "fairgrounds" Stock shows, and Scout show takes place here quite often, a great venue for the last three things- not so great for scrappers.

one friend and I have been there on serveral occasions for the Denver area, Scout show, a load noisey mess of boys, parents and fun. This is the right place to hold this event, my boys love it. but I digress.....

For the money we paid $40.00 each because we managed to get 4 of us together, we were disapointed with the venue. There are lots of places in Denver we could have gone for probably the same amount of money, and had a much better " learning enviroment". With the sponser being the lifelong learning center- aka skil path- a well known and liked trainer of software and other managment and customer service training it was surprising that they didn't scope out things ahead of time. The traditional teacher was not up to speed on tecnique and the Digital teacher did get better marks, though the sound system and screens were hard to hear, see and concentrate on. We were placed into partictioned off areas with bad lighting and terrible speakers systems. The overhead speakers were actually worse than those old charlie brown cartoons, were the teacher is in the background going" blah, blah, blah in a high pitch tone.

there were serveral vendors there, most with basic items to buy. Archivers was there too, with a nice coupon and a $50 gift card for one luck winner. There was a few tables to display your layouts and it was nice to share and see what others have done. But overall the experience for the money was a big fat D in my book. A+ for my friends who stuck it out with me and we went to dinner and had a nice time together- so in real scrappers terms it was a sucess in that we got together had fun, put a few pages together and shared a nice time.

I hope that this group will consider coming to Denver Again and doing it in a different place, ask any girls scrappers here and they would help you find the best location in town, plus my worst pet peave about the whole thing, we all had to pay to park too!! another $6 bucks each yikes.

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