Thursday, July 28, 2005

michelle's survey

Scrapbooking Style
Traditional paper based or Digital? Or Both (Biscraptual)?Both ( bi-scraptual)
Other Mixed Media Arts?yes- small books-fabric
Define Your Style in 5 or less wordsclassic, big picture, smart
Name your Scrapping Heroeslove Rebecca sower, her journaling and style
Social Scrapping
2Peas or Not?Not
One forum lover or spreader of your joy?Spreader
Active Member, Moderator, or Lurker?moderator, lurker, sometimes active
Do you Scrapblog?Yup- CreativeChronicals
Do you Attend Crops, and if so - how regularly?yes - try to find one about 1xmonth
Do you Attend Scrapbooking Events and Retreats - if so, how regularly?yes, try to at laest once a year
Scrapbooking Objectives and Profile
Are you or would you like to be a Scrapbooking Designer?No - I don't think so
Would you Like to Make Money from Scrapping?Yes maybe a little
Is Scrapbooking a Career Objective - fulltime or parttime?would love to translate it to career-not sure how
Do you scrap for yourself, your family or others?all - of the above
Is it about the legacy, the memory or the art?The memory and the art for me
How Many Hours on average per week do you plan / actually do towards scrapbooking?not as many as I would like ,5 maybe
Average Monthly Budget for Scrapping Supplies?nothing set in stone
How many scrapping magazines do you buy/subscribe to on average per month?subscribe to two, buy one
How many Idea Books do you own?10 or so
A Bit About You
How many years have you been scrapping?14 about
Define your family and partnership statusMarried to a great hubby, 2 kids of mine, 2 kids of his none of ours!
Fultime worker, part-time worker, fultime at homeFull time work outside my home- and Mommy
Just Some Fun
What do you think will be the next big product / trend in scrapping?more personalized service and products
What old product / trend would you like to see make a comeback?embossing -glossing-varnishes- shiny dementional items
What's your favourite website to do with scrapping? (Only one!)scraptalk- they are able to look at many other sites and recomend lots of products


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