Wednesday, July 27, 2005

wishing I had the right answer

Off to work this morning, we are getting ready and I ask S- so what is your schedule and can you go by the costco or sams and pick up an item we need at church tonight. I am not sure the fall out after this- but it ended up with me apologizing for rolling my eyes and not caring- something I have been accused alot of these days- see the kids Dad told me this very same thing a few days ago, when I was not as sympathetic as I should have been when he stands there telling me all about his hernia and need for repair, along with his probability he will go bankrupt- I know the two times are not fully related, but I must come off as callus and mean to both these men?

I truly am sorry to S for somehow stressing him out.

as for ex-hubby- no sorry my give-a dam-is busted

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