Wednesday, July 27, 2005

meme on ICE

this was on Michelle at scrapability this morning, thanks for the reminder to do this

"I saw this pop up first on Angie Pedersen’s blog here via Ken Leebow and now it’s just appeared on a blogging blog here. This is one of the best examples of the power of a web meme that I could give you. Tracing this concept over the net would be a great task for some cultural masters doctorate to do. And more - this is a meme which should be spread, because it is a very powerful and worthy message.

ICE = In Case of Emergency. The concept is simple - in your mobile phones put in the ICE acronym and the phone number of your closest emergency contact. The meme is covering through the US at the moment, but it actually was started by one person over here in my local county.

Bob Brotchie is the guy’s name. He is a paramedic officer for the East Anglian Ambulance Trust, and conceived the concept of ICE when he and his coworkers kept coming back with tales at accidents of going through all the stored addresses in some accident victim’s mobile phone, trying to locate their spouse or similar. Often these victims couldn’t talk for themselves - and the officers only had a short time to try and find out their next of kin and medical details. The whole thing was profiled in local newspapers over here for many weeks. And the link I’ve given you was an article put up by the East Anglian Ambulance in April of this year - you can see how the concept has spread since then."

take some time to help yourself today

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