Monday, July 04, 2005

Back to Denver!

What a whirlwind trip. Denver to Wichita and Back in three days. But here we are home again.

I almost had a mishap today, I had a car in my blind spot and pulled out ahead of him, boy was that Driver and passenger mad, I was very sorry and didn't do it on purpose- it scared me as much as it scared them I am sure.

will post some photos in a day or two.


Road_Rage said...

YOUR the one that pulled in front of me. I knew I would find you eventually!

Queue_t said...

I am very sorry_ I had no bad intentions, my step son was in the back with a pillow up around his head and I checked in mirrors, but didn't look all the way around.

It scared the hell out of me as well, I tried to get out of your way as soon as I realized my mistake, again I am very sorry and din't pull out in front on purpose- I had a long day of driving and was getting tired, we made the round trip from Denver to wichita and back in three days with not much real rest. Again I really didn't have bad intention, it was a very stupid mistake on my part. I hope you can forgive me my faux-pas.