Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A new bike

J got a new bike today - DiamondBack- brand, Mr. Lucky - I hope it is luckier than the last one. The last one ended up in a big pile in the garbage, after a trip to the emergency room. J went to some Dirt Jumps near the house and fell into his handlebars and dug his break handle into his left upper thigh, after a trip to the ER where he got 9 more stiches and an xray the bike was not repairable.

and it has been a rough year- I wanted to get it for him by his birthday in May instead he managed to mess that up pretty well with the skipping school and getting detention. So we have been working toward this from that point. We took away wheels of all forms in the spring after the grades were not getting any better. So now wheels are back and my son seems to be a little happier and he is riding it right now, I will go take a photo and post it later on.