Thursday, July 14, 2005

Work work work

I am working at home today! a small luxury it affords me time to not answer the phone and deal with customers. I don't mind them most of the time, but when you are doing detail work it is hard to take your concentration from one thing to totally switch gears and do something else and answer questions on demand.

the Kids have been pretty good about leaving me be too- so now I am off to get them a little bit of luncha nd a quick trip to the library.

I may actually get to scrap a bit today if I can make it to the bottom of my pile on my desk.

an apointment for Jimmy this afternoon will take a bit of time. one other thing I want to get done is his photos- so maybe off to costco to get that done.

I am hoping we can work on the bathroom a bit this weekend, I am so sick of not having a sink. LOL

tatafornow will write more later today

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