Friday, February 27, 2009

Holmes- and J :)

A special happy birthday with to K8 and J- another teen-ager joins the world! Happy birthday friends- twins from different mothers. :)

There is no friend like the old friend

who has shared our morning days,

no greeting like his welcome,

no homage like his praise;

Fame is the sentless sunflower,

with gaudy crown of gold;

But friendship is the breathing rose,

with sweets in every fold.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

shrove tuesday - Pancakes

WHY DO WE EAT PANCAKES ON 'FAT' TUESDAY?" ...there is a historical ... reason why pancakes are consumed on this day. Many centuries ago, fatty foods including dairy were forbidden during the 40 days of Lent. So in order to use up their supply of these ingredients, the Anglicans added flour and voila — a feast of pancakes on the day before Ash Wednesday. ... growing up in an Episcopalian family, and watching all my Catholic friends head with their families to Galveston or New Orleans to revel in those last few days before Lent, I always felt a little sheepish walking into my church’s annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. No beads, no floats, no dancing, just stack upon stack of pancakes. And yes, it was a bit gluttonous, but compared to Mardi Gras, it was bit tame, too." ~ Homesick Texan for her Gingerbread Pancakes

source is BLOGHER

more photos of adventure

geared up and ready - flight suit check, helment check, goggles check, earplugs- huhhh?? yep
here you can see S taking photos from another angle

Look ma no hands - I am flying!! I love it.

YES!!! this was the best birthday gift EVERVVVVVA - I am so pumped lets do it again soon ??

Monday, February 23, 2009

Skyventure indoor skydiving - Hh's adventure

I'm flying. And now I'm soaring. And, abruptly, I'm plummeting like a rock. And then I'm sort of flying again and Derick, my skydiving instructor, is using the hand signal he showed us earlier that means "relax."

I'm trying to relax, really I am. But I'm falling and flying and flopping around in the 120-mph breeze trying to do as well as the 40-year-old man who did so well in the flight tunnel just before me. Of course, the Man had prior skydiving experience and whirled around through the artificial windblown sky.

Me, I'm a sack of potatoes tumbling through the air. Apparently I have yet to master the "Superman" pose employed by my friend T, who came with me to fly. She is acting like a kite through the 120-mph breeze like, well, Superwoman. But am I having fun? You better believe it. She had a blast too.

I've wanted to skydive for about a year now- but thought better of it, what with jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and all. Skyventure is skydiving without the legitimate fear, or mathematical probability, of death. This is skydiving lite, but it's still great fun.

And if you don't want to thrust yourself into the wind-driven vortex, ( like my mom) spectators are given a seat in an observation area to view all the fun they're missing.

Adventure accessories provided: helmet, jumpsuit, goggles, instructions on how to stay alive, photo of yourself flying (prices vary).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Hh- 13

These are opposite the order! the one above was pre- flight and the top one was post flight, with the flying in the middle!
Yes this was soooo much fun, I am sure we created a monster flyer.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ivory and Tapestry

Beautiful and rich is
an old friendship
Grateful to the touch
as ancient Ivory,
Smooth as Aged wine,
or sheen of tapestry
Where light has lingered ,
intimate and long.
Eunice Tiejens

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music questions? meme from Scott- tomusicfan

Scott *** Music, as you may or may not know, well really if you have been reading this blog at all you know, I am a huge music fan. I have put together this little survey here. I know that it will take some time for you to answer but I would love to read how you relate to music. So... post it on your blog, share it with friends, get it out there.*** posted this on his blog- great questions.

1) What's a piece of music, any genre, any year, and form, (i.e 45, album, MP3, etc), that you often return to. Something that continually resonates throughout your life, and seems to gain greater impact as you grow older. How often do you find yourself seeking this piece?

I am a huge John Denver fan, and right before he past away he recorded an album of " train songs" called All Aboard, the 1st song is Jenny loved the trains- As I was going through my Divorce - I listened to this album and song very frequently- it soothes my soul in ways I can't describe.

2) Is there a specific story that relates to this?

Vince Gill wrote this piece and John recorded it, there is also a version at the end of the album called Jessie loved the trains ( for his youngest daughter) it is not listed on the album credits. He recorded this and it was produced and released the year he passed away. I grieved my marriage and his loss at times equally. This album won a grammy for best childrens album posthumously.

3) Was there a piece of music, despite the fact that you may have "outgrown" it now that at one time changed your life? How about something you feel you'll never outgrow?

I can't think of anything I have truely " outgrown" - but then I am not sure any music has changed my life.

4) Could a piece of music that you found in common with a stranger bond you for life? Is there a story behind that?

I would say yes- in fact there is a story behind this! Scott sent some of his blogger buddies a mixed " tape" CD and one of the songs on it is " Rain King" by counting crows. I didn't get a list of songs on this mix but - I googled the lyrics and found out what this one was and by whom, then I looked for some other refferences to the lyrics ( because they are interesting) - so I am bonded to him by his album of creations and who ever suggested this song to him to put on the mix we are bonded too. When I play it I can play it on repeat several times in a row!

5) Is there a favorite artist that you had that you gave up on only to have him or her redeem themselves?
I can't think of any at the moment

6) Has music ever got you through some really tough times? How?

Yes, music soothes my soul. I play it to affect mood. So I have quite an extensive play list of feel good tunes.

7) Can music change the world or is that naive wishful thinking?
Wishful thinking maybe- though it can and does make it a better place.

8) Is Rock and Roll dead?
Nope. I like Scott's answer that there will always be someone else coming along in a basment or garage somewhere that we don't even have a clue about today, but will blow us all away with their Music.

9) What's the song you wish played at your wedding? How about your funeral?

Wedding song I like Shania Twain- looks like we made it. ! title of song is : You're Still the One

funeral song - The Eagle and the Hawk

10) What's the greatest live show you ever saw? In what year? Why? How old were you then? Did you attend with friends? Were you a skeptic going in?Did you enter a huge fan? How about the most disappointing show? Why?

Bruce Horsby and the Range at Red Rocks, really all the shows I have seen at Red Rocks . I saw John Denver there and also Jethro Tull - the greatest venue in the entire world. I have been by myself and with others and everyone here would agree the best place to see a performer live. There are no bad seats, there is so much love for anyone you see there and the performers are inspired too.

Bruce Hornsby and the range at Fidller's Green Ampitheater- was the most disapointing, seating was awful and the croud was bad i felt as though I paid too much for cruddy seats and obscured veiws- then it rained!!

11) Has your feelings about recorded or live music changed over the years?

I think I am less likely to go out of my way to see a live performance as I get older, for some of the same reasons- scott uses- just don't want to go anywhere there are too many people or young people doing things I am not interested in. Don't want to fight any crowds. Want to be able to see and hear a performer at their best!

reordings and digital have helped me to listen to more music that ever though!

12) Do you listen to radio? How do you listen to music?
I listen to the radio for about an hour in the morning - everyday. I have a morning show I listen too get a bit of news weather, traffic and music.
I listen to the radio in the car too.
I have a 10 CD changer in my mom van and That is what I listen too alot. I have a MP3 player and A palm that plays music too. So I have lots of ways to get in my music fix.

13) Has the amount of time you listen to music changed over the years? To what extent?

not appreciativly - though I think I listen to a bit less now that ever before, just because my job involves talking by phone almost all day and listening to music makes that part of my job harder and more itracting.

14) In these tough economic stressful times do you gravitate towards a different kind of music, i.e happy, nostalgic, the blues, then you did say, 4 years ago?

No I don't think so:)

15) You're stuck on a desert isle, you've got a mix Cd with 10 songs you're stuck with until your dying day, (or at leas until you're rescued) what are those 10 songs and why?

1. Somewhere over the rainbow/ its a wonderful world Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
2. Anyway Maritna Mcbride
3. Jenny loved the Trains John Denver
4. Little Things Tanya Tucker
5. Rain King- Counting Crows
6. Rocky Mountain High John Denver
7. Adalida- George Strait
8. Little Bitty - Alan Jackson
9. Where the green grass grows Tim McGraw
10.Anything But Mine- Kenny Chesney

all these songs touch my heart and bring back special times and people in my life- this would make a great mixed tape.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

been off the grid- out of sorts

Hh had a cold that kicked her butt and mine, we have been out of sorts for more than a week now.
last monday the 9th I went to Colorado Springs, She started not doing well, she missed two days of school and layed low her whole - mid-term break ( read another 5 days) - Me ,I started to not feel good mid week and by friday was way done. I spent a little time getting my Valentines greetings to my friends, but some even got sent late.
we didn't even go to a church function - Valentines evening - because S- said we didn't need to spread this joy around at all. - so true. We stayed home Sunday morning too- same idea, we are hacking and coughing and generally germ factories.
Have more to talk about soon, but for now this is small update. !!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

K8 you are simply the best!

this is so sweet K8


In God's wisdom, He frequently chooses to meet our needs by showing His love toward us through the hands and hearts of others. ~~Jack Hayford

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhogs's day and birthday to me.

Today weather-forecasting groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, and proclaimed another six weeks of winter

I saw my shadow too- it has been pretty darn nice here in Boulder today too.

S remembered that to send me something at the office was the ultimate in Good love points in my book. And a bouquet of flowers and ballon arrived at lunch time here. they are quite lovely a mixed boguet with roses and lilys and a gerbra daisey carnations and snapdragons. Very sweet.