Tuesday, February 17, 2009

been off the grid- out of sorts

Hh had a cold that kicked her butt and mine, we have been out of sorts for more than a week now.
last monday the 9th I went to Colorado Springs, She started not doing well, she missed two days of school and layed low her whole - mid-term break ( read another 5 days) - Me ,I started to not feel good mid week and by friday was way done. I spent a little time getting my Valentines greetings to my friends, but some even got sent late.
we didn't even go to a church function - Valentines evening - because S- said we didn't need to spread this joy around at all. - so true. We stayed home Sunday morning too- same idea, we are hacking and coughing and generally germ factories.
Have more to talk about soon, but for now this is small update. !!

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