Monday, February 23, 2009

Skyventure indoor skydiving - Hh's adventure

I'm flying. And now I'm soaring. And, abruptly, I'm plummeting like a rock. And then I'm sort of flying again and Derick, my skydiving instructor, is using the hand signal he showed us earlier that means "relax."

I'm trying to relax, really I am. But I'm falling and flying and flopping around in the 120-mph breeze trying to do as well as the 40-year-old man who did so well in the flight tunnel just before me. Of course, the Man had prior skydiving experience and whirled around through the artificial windblown sky.

Me, I'm a sack of potatoes tumbling through the air. Apparently I have yet to master the "Superman" pose employed by my friend T, who came with me to fly. She is acting like a kite through the 120-mph breeze like, well, Superwoman. But am I having fun? You better believe it. She had a blast too.

I've wanted to skydive for about a year now- but thought better of it, what with jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and all. Skyventure is skydiving without the legitimate fear, or mathematical probability, of death. This is skydiving lite, but it's still great fun.

And if you don't want to thrust yourself into the wind-driven vortex, ( like my mom) spectators are given a seat in an observation area to view all the fun they're missing.

Adventure accessories provided: helmet, jumpsuit, goggles, instructions on how to stay alive, photo of yourself flying (prices vary).

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