Wednesday, October 26, 2005

un-muttering- meme

  1. Infiltration:: What happens in your arm at an IV site! if not sone correctly
  2. Nice person:: my friends Kate, Shelley and Karen
  3. Debt:: sometimes overwhelming to me, never ending for sure.
  4. Settle down:: get married and have a home
  5. Thomas:: Jefferson, on money??
  6. Unforgivable:: all the lies, it is so hard to get over this and move on.
  7. Medicine:: a way to keep a loved one alive and feeling better
  8. A year from now:: where will i be? where will you be? will it really matter?
  9. Neighbors:: interesting, agrevating
  10. Dripping:: Water- wishing the bathroom would get done soon.
lunaNina is where this list comes from.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Autum Leaves Calendar


Late last week, I got my copy of the Autumn Leaves Desiging with 2006 calendar at Archivers .

For my non-scrapbooking friends and family, this is a page-a-day calendar. Each page has a project idea — some are scrapbook page ideas and some are just general home craft project ideas. A very nice format.

This thing is awesome!!! Truly amazing. Of course, the projects are inspiring. But there is so much more eye candy! Every project is so beautifully photographed with props and all sorts of neat things. Each page is so beautifully laid out. Awesome work from amazingly creative ladies.

I can't wait to get it bound like the one I bought last year. I had a spiral binding put on the top edge

Thanks to Carrie " handle Life with Care" for her post I swiped it and modified it for me

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Why do they need to do the things they do? today it was Chew- where does he get it, why does he get Caught? Who is buying it, are there harder drugs? alcohol? why

I don't understand how to reach out to him, and tell him this could be the best time of your life. (high school) Sports, fun, friends- instead it is defiance and disrespect and stress for all of us.

I haven't written alot lately becuase I am consumed by this whole thing, he is my waking thoughts and my dreams. The peer presure? I am not sure where this begins and ends. Why does he need to be a " bad boy" Where does he end up? why can't he see we don't want him on this path.

well enough of this for today.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

unconscious muttering

  1. On the verge:: of tears- this is how I have been for a few days now, my son is driving me to the end of my rope
  2. Tempestuous:: agrivating again infulunced by J
  3. Coherent:: what my ex is NOT most of the time.
  4. Near death:: experiences
  5. Illiterate:: the way my son will end up if he continues on this path
  6. Why not?:: it's only money and you can't take it with you
  7. Period:: paragraph- the end
  8. Long lost:: friend
  9. Torrid:: love affair
  10. Nail:: biter

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Friday, October 14, 2005

strange items

I want to find a good timer utility - anybody have any ideas- quit procrastinating!! I am going to work on new stragies and stuff.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

the things we do

Shelving holding five thousand pounds of sheet metal or lumber at Home Depot collapses (imagined)…... Have you ever? And I’m not even touching on the human-calculated varieties: shooting, stabbing, strangulation by (a) someone you know, (b) someone you don’t know, (c) someone disgruntled (postal worker, unappreciated employee, failing student). And we can’t forget malpractice. My sister-in-law died at the age of thirty-two during childbirth because the doctors and nurses missed the red-flagged allergic to anesthesia warning on her medical chart. People don’t die anymore in childbirth, everyone knows that, but yet they do; sweet, stunning, silk-scarf-wearing, multilingual Hilary did. People are just dying everywhere, all the time, every which way. What can the rest of us do but hold on for dear life.

I am looking for comfort for my soul, there comes many times in a girls life when we take stock of the things we need to move forward. I am not moving forward at the moment, just when I take one step out it seems there are two to move me back. The Boys and the Ex’s are enough trouble- then there is the volunteering and other things that consume my time, not allowing me to move forward in any direction it seems.
I know I could be different- I know I could be nice and kind, I wish and pray to god to help me understand forgiveness- some days I am better at it than others. I wish I didn’t have to rely on J’s and HH’s dad ( my ex) to give me anything, I wish it were easier, I wish he would move on with his life. But my grandpa used to say if wishes were horses well beggars would fly. So I guess I need solutions that I can accomplish. I have managed to get S. upset with me too. I am going against the solid advice and front I agreed too with Him for J and D’s Grades, I let J go to the football game today even though he was sporting an F in English last night at parent teacher conferences. This whole thing with J grades and school and his dad it is going to be the death of me. (lol)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

homecoming photos

J and His date M, very cute gal, on the softball team, and D and his girlfriend A- very pretty dress and he looked pretty nice in a suit - it is so hard to believe how grown up they look, but they still have the hearts of boys.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

this week

I say you think by Unconscious Mutterings.
  1. Quirk:: a twisted way of thinking or doing
  2. Crystal:: on "all my children" a soap opera character I am not sure I believe most of the time.
  3. Pet Peeve:: annoying thing, like clutter I can't seem to control
  4. Cuban:: cigars, a qwest to find them when we were in the caribean
  5. Breasts:: mine
  6. Whispers:: secrets others don't want you to hear
  7. Complicated:: the way life is most of the time
  8. Promise me:: you will stay with me forever
  9. Murder:: a crime
  10. Filament:: light bulb fresh ideas, new ways of looking at things.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

layouts for Kate' Mom Donna

these are phoos of layouts I did last Friday night and Sent off to my Friend Kate who is having a big Surprise Party for Her Mom today _ her Mom always says she never gets to have a party on her birthday well today is the day !

so the 1st layout is all of us at my dining room table in Febuary when they came for a visit and to celebrate Ja and Hh's birth birthdays then the next one is for Donna= her Vanity Plate is great I love my Vanity plate too, so I had to record it on film and imortalize it on a scrapbook page.

the layout with the shoes. is the second time I have done a croc's page!! we love our fun crocs, see how they are great colors and fun to wear.

little nostalgia

10 Years Ago - October 1995

In October 1995 I was woking for the USGS and still married to my ex. we were living in a house I liked. I was pregnant with HH and enjoying the time to get things ready for her. I didn't know it was a girl at the time.

5 Years Ago - October 2000

I had just left my job at the survey and was going to stay at home with Hh while we did pre-school and got ready for kindergarden. I just met my Friend Kate! her daughter and mine were in the same pre-school class and and all of us became fast friends.

1 Year Ago - October 2004

I was working hard and I thinking ahead to thanks giving and Steven's birthday.

Yesterday - friday
I worked hard all day and then went to the church to hostess a crop, 4 people came, I had fun and altered a little lunch pail, I will post some photos of it soon,we stayed up late , in fact I am bloging instead of being in bed, so I will sign off and get to bed.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I have been tagged I can believe it!!

I've been tagged!

Yep, ANGEL at Swamp_water has tagged me (she always keeps me on my toes) with the Blog Archives and Hidden Meanings tag. Here's how it goes:

1. Delve into your blog archive.

2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).

3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).

4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas.

5. Tag five people to do the same

Here is the text per the instruction above, YEAH I feel like a kid too.

This is from a post about a snow day!! and it is the very last line of the post. It was about taking a day off to go play with my children, this is so important to me, I work hard to be sure that they get all that they need, but you know the quality is sometimes- the just being there as a mom. It is also about how I feel when I get to do things I want instead of things that I have to do.

I have had lots to do latley and I do need to keep this in mind more often- take time to just be a Kid or just feel like a kid anyway.

I will come back and tag a few folks in a little while. ( that is what i am supposed to do) but I have sat on this post this week and I want to blog it.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

photos of a scrap can

this was a swap we did last summer and had a ton of fun, the can is a regular can from the hardware store and decorated with scrap paper and other cool stuff, we fuilled them up with all kinds of interesing things, scrapping and other items. this was so much fun and I anjoyed it tremendously. I bought a basic grey lunch box and that will be my next altered project. yeah !!