Monday, April 05, 2010

easter Sunday

These Girls were so pretty in their new spring outfits- pretty colors and fun fresh faces!
A nice lady at the church took our Group- including K8 who is like me always behind the camera. It is so good when we document the days of our lives for our families to be able to " see" us.
I love how the three girls are holding hands- so sweet

Sunday, April 04, 2010

our holiday is coming to a close

fun was had by all we are glittered and glamed and have had a marvolus holiday with our friends and their family- wow we loved everyjam packed and peaceful moment alike.

Hh and her twin seperated at birth J had fun, and were enjoying a glitter filled egg treat here.

I am just killing a tiny bit of time before having to leave for the train station, we will travel back home overnight and be in Denver in the morning, S will take us for a little breakfast and then I think I will do a little laundry and try to get myself ready for another work week.

Friday, April 02, 2010

quilt-art-color design!

The University of Nebraska's quilt (museum) -Awesome

our story- we recorded a friendship story (just QT and K8) and a family story with 4 of us including J and Hh.

the exhibit was fascinating, the quilts under the microscope and the Perspective ( contemporary quilts) we so awesome!! unbelievable the color techniques and different style was so interesting. the color the vibe, the audio tour a smashing success. The under the microscope equally interesting in the things not to do to the quilts ( like wash them) and the deterioration that happens with different factors like bleaching in calico's ( red ones were especially vulnerably) and iron ore used to create the color brown - caused oxidation -read as rusted- and this ate away fabric too... the girls were even intrigued i think with the clothing and fabric in detail and close up.

The only thing we didn't get to do was Take pictures of any of the quilts. but the day was great.

We went to the Germans from Russia museum and research center too. There was a large population that were settled in Nebraska- they were interesting too. We took pictures of the things that they used and brought with them from the old country. they have a large ansestry-geneology study center.

always fun adventure and cool things with our friends