Thursday, December 29, 2005

this looks very interesting

Art declassified- a web site and no rules paper crafting stuff- right up my ally art made without rules.

this link was posted by Angie at the blog of me she is such a news maven, I always look to her to find stuff that will be intriging to me.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

meme muppets?

chef jpeg
You are the the Swedish Chef.You are a talented individual, nobody understands
you. Perhaps it's because you talk funny.
FAVORITE EXPRESSION:"Brk! Brk! Brk!"HOBBIES:Kokin' der yummee-yummers
FAVORITE MOVIE:"Wild Strawberries...and Creme"
LAST BOOK READ:"Der Swedish Chef Kokin' Bokin'"
QUOTE:"Vergoofin der flicke stoobin mit der brk-brk

What Muppet are you?
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

muttering- week52

  1. Virus:: what happens when a drop of ink spreads- to everything and everywhere
  2. Poop: what the dogs and babies do
  3. Smart:: sting- oh that smarts!
  4. Agent:: secret agent man
  5. Wrap:: thats a wrap- all done and over
  6. Brass:: head honcho- top brass- man in charge
  7. Waste of time:: me-doing internet things instead of my job LOL
  8. Suspicious:: my boss when I am typing away not doing my job!
  9. 360:: a skateboard move- tony hawk under ground (thug)
  10. Dummy:: Crash test auto Dummies.
get your own list here at lunanina

Saturday, December 24, 2005

a revealed gift givers!

On the twelfth Day of Christmas- twelve fruits in a wonderful bushel basket and very nice neighbors!! at our door revealing they were the ones behind all the fun.!!

we so enjoyed this treat and were happy that they told us who was behind all the goodies, and what a cute and fun thing for all the family and thiers too.

so here is the final gift and verse.

the Best cards come from friends

I was seriously delinquent with my christmas cards to friends, but they all know they can expect valentines instead!

I love all the cards I have gotten this year and the funny letters too.

This has been a good christmas and fun so far too.

SO MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night.. may post later on this evening with some photos.

Friday, December 23, 2005

photos of eleven- yup here already tonight.

little candy canes and mmm they are tasty

love this little snow man bag too.

day number ten-dawns with eggs!!

10 eggs- not a dozen! lol will post photo or bag and verse later tonight!

Do you think my secret santa will reveal themselves?? Or will their identity remain a secret until next year? What a nice thing this has been and really gotten me into the spirit of the holiday.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bag photos 8 and 9 and verse

I got bag number nine and did take photos

I am so busy, I took photos of number 8 and nine and will post them later I promise.

anyway bag number nine had 9 sticks of gum - one full pack and an opened pack, which I promtly accused J of eatting one, and he said noooo. it is #9 for the ninth day !!

so there you are, thanks again for making this a great fun holiday season- secret santa

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

my favorite shoes won!

here is the link at shoewawa- I love my crocs and don't post it as often as I should but they are great, I own 5 pairs and want more.

this is a layout done digitally with my Hh's crocs and her friends

it says all you really need is the right pair of shoes- cinderella

and here is my 15 minutes of fame on the crocs web site- a letter and a layout made it online!! can you all believe it.

the purses are from the seatbelt bags company- I love my purple one and I have had it for a year now, it is indestructable and I want another one too. I love these things!! and what fun to make a great about me and my girlfriend pages... for me and Hh.

the 8th day and I did get a bag

I need to take a photo still, as I got it this morning, I will take a photo of a hanging bag too, because geesh they are so cute. I have no idea who is providing me with this much holiday fun, but I LOVE it.

this morning is cookies- 8 of them so cute.

Thank you secret santa, I hope that this santa will reveal who they are so I can thank them properly.

will post more later.

Monday, December 19, 2005

7th eve I got another gift!

apples and a self portrait in the bag!

this is so much fun I think i may make me a little album !!

Steven Told me to blog in the morning LOL so off to bed I am going. Good night all

6th Day of Christmas my santa brought to me

another cute bag and verse and Misletoe galore

I think I will take all my photos as verses and put them in a mini album for whoever is doing such a nice thing fo me.

this is so much fun Thank you secret santa.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

bling bling, ring ring revisited

Here is another example of the bling bling ring ring!! it was too funny not to post it here. It inspires with its gaudiness , this one they say is just swarjozki (sp) crystals. but a beauty non the less.

Waiting for more Christmas presents, what a fun little thing a friend or neighbor is doing for me.... how sweet and a memory I will treasure.

day 4 and 5 yeah!

this is so much fun, I am loving all these cute little gifts- I hope you all can read the little sayings

thank you secret santa!! :)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Meet me under the martini glass!!

Meet me under the martini glass!!

We are going here to Marlow's tonight for Steven's christmas party - will post all the details later.

crazy hair color?? I used to be red so this is funny to me.

Your Hair Should Be Red
Passionate, fiery, and sassy.You're a total smart aleck who's got the biggest personality around.

on third- overnight! day of christmas

my santa brought to me 3 jello in a bag, with a little ditty

three jellos
red, green and yellow !! will post picture later tonight, as I didn't get this one until this A.M.... I was in a hurry to get out the door...

It may be later on tonight - we are off to Steven's Christmas party and fun evening tonight.

this is a cute idea. and I am loving it.

Thanks secret santa.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

on the second Day - evening!

this is so cute and sweet-- I love the snowman bags so far too, I think I see a theme here.

Again came home tonight to find a treat and treasure on my door step and the cutest little rhyme-

Thank you secret friend and Santa...... I am looking forward to more.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the First Day of Christmas.... a secret santa gave to me

a loaf of homemade bread and a verse to keep me guessing.

this is the cutest and nicest thing I have gotten in a long time. and to have it show up anon. is pretty sweet too.

So I told Steven I am going to blog this for sure, came right downstairs and took these photos of my cute package.....


Friday, December 09, 2005

our christmas party - work

We went to Carmine on Penn- an italian eatery where we were served family style. The 4 guys and I had a great time, I drank too much Chianti and ate too much but it was wonderful.

A couple of years ago my boss wanted to only do staff and not anyone else to our parties- I am o.k. with this because we often talk about work and we don't know each others spouses too well sometimes. So we go by ourselves and don't take our other halfs. This fact makes Steven crazy! but in the end I think it is good.... he doesn't have to make small talk to other spouses he dosen't even know. They guys had a good time too.

we started with a ceasar salad and a portbello mushroom dish with tomatoes and onions, as an appitizer, mmmm good. we went on to two main dishes , one veal and one with penne and chicken and threes dessert-ah wonderful

Monday, December 05, 2005

Job Jargon- influence and interpretation.

Dawn has a funny one misinterpretation.

I work in an industry prone to jargon things too, when I first started at my current job, it was funny and I kept a list...

A.B. Dick Sucker feet
gripper fingers
dog and worm
wash up blades
clean up sheets
cat wiskers
ecentric shoulder screw
hanger tubes
score and perf
wash bottles
nipple caps

Can you guess what these things belong too? I will send you a RAK gift if you post the correct industy and business that might use these items- in my comments - the verification is turned on so you do have to do that to leave a comment. I will post the winner here and then they can e-mail me with thier information

Why am I ? Me?

I have such a naive nature and a forgiving heart. I don't look for the bad, I would rather forgive ( not forget) - bygones should be left as bygones. Life is too short not to have fun and love others with an unconditional nature and heart.

I want all the good things life has to offer and I want loving relationships in my life, I want to continue to talk to others and give of myself where and when I can. I wish I came from a more " normal family" and that there weren't so many secrets and things that my family didn't want to talk about. skelotons in the closet have started to fall out and it is good to know that the bones can see the light of day. I wish I could be a little more steely and more backbone to stand up and ask the right questions and get some answers even if it hurts. My mom and dad are not getting any younger and we will lose that library soon - I want more history than I am getting....

Sunday, December 04, 2005

weekly muttering

  1. Amazing:: grace
  2. Delights:: chocolate, cookies, ice cream
  3. Inspired:: by art, graphics, design
  4. Disgusted:: by lies, and maggots
  5. You:: and me together
  6. Vagina:: monologs
  7. Palm:: trees swaying in the sun
  8. Sweetheart:: Let me call you sweetheart
  9. Guilt:: what my mother makes me feel
  10. More to come:: I hope lots more fun and love and life.

find your own mutterings here at subliminal

Friday, December 02, 2005

bling bling bling- a ring ring ring

see the phone - hear the ring!

wow I - think I could get into that.

link to shiny shiny

If you're a billionaire. I hope you'll forgive those of us who work for a living if we snicker and roll our eyes at the excess a bit