Friday, December 09, 2005

our christmas party - work

We went to Carmine on Penn- an italian eatery where we were served family style. The 4 guys and I had a great time, I drank too much Chianti and ate too much but it was wonderful.

A couple of years ago my boss wanted to only do staff and not anyone else to our parties- I am o.k. with this because we often talk about work and we don't know each others spouses too well sometimes. So we go by ourselves and don't take our other halfs. This fact makes Steven crazy! but in the end I think it is good.... he doesn't have to make small talk to other spouses he dosen't even know. They guys had a good time too.

we started with a ceasar salad and a portbello mushroom dish with tomatoes and onions, as an appitizer, mmmm good. we went on to two main dishes , one veal and one with penne and chicken and threes dessert-ah wonderful

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