Monday, December 05, 2005

Why am I ? Me?

I have such a naive nature and a forgiving heart. I don't look for the bad, I would rather forgive ( not forget) - bygones should be left as bygones. Life is too short not to have fun and love others with an unconditional nature and heart.

I want all the good things life has to offer and I want loving relationships in my life, I want to continue to talk to others and give of myself where and when I can. I wish I came from a more " normal family" and that there weren't so many secrets and things that my family didn't want to talk about. skelotons in the closet have started to fall out and it is good to know that the bones can see the light of day. I wish I could be a little more steely and more backbone to stand up and ask the right questions and get some answers even if it hurts. My mom and dad are not getting any younger and we will lose that library soon - I want more history than I am getting....