Monday, December 05, 2005

Job Jargon- influence and interpretation.

Dawn has a funny one misinterpretation.

I work in an industry prone to jargon things too, when I first started at my current job, it was funny and I kept a list...

A.B. Dick Sucker feet
gripper fingers
dog and worm
wash up blades
clean up sheets
cat wiskers
ecentric shoulder screw
hanger tubes
score and perf
wash bottles
nipple caps

Can you guess what these things belong too? I will send you a RAK gift if you post the correct industy and business that might use these items- in my comments - the verification is turned on so you do have to do that to leave a comment. I will post the winner here and then they can e-mail me with thier information

1 comment:

swampangel said...

I can't make out your job quite job but they are dangerouly close to words around my office: slop sheet, nipples, butterball valves,etc. Can you guess what we do?