Monday, August 01, 2005

a little rant

Do you know how much it is going to cost me to send the Kids to school, and we are just talking registation at the moment and fines ( both boys incured) 165 for D and 130 for J, since they are both in high school now!!

They both managed to trash at least one book each last year! J's was a 8.00$ fine and D's a 60.00$ one and a 20.00$ one these guys think there are no consequences- I say fooy to that. J's fees are high as this is his 1st year and he wants to take wood shop 65$ for that activity, yikes, then there is the little nagging thing called the car.... as D is going to be 15 tommorrow we are already anticipating this I say yikes again.

to add to all this ex-himself is looking to go bankrupt and has not paid me support for more than a month now, we are seriously in arears and it is very tough to come up with this money to make all this happen!!! !

he has managed to pay me 150 of 350 he owes me for june and none for the month of july. So we sat down all the kids and told them - belt tightening was happening and we would only be able to do things that don't take alot of our resources, we must meet the mortgage too.... this is really a hard time. I have to vent one other item as well- we have had D for more than a year now, and that support to ex-herself certainly has not been reduced either- it would help ease the belt tightening if something would just give, but lord help us - neither thinks it matters much.

I will say here though I want to thank God for all that I have in terms of blessings- the kids, and all the good things in my life, especially Steven, he is my rock through hard times. Without faith I would have nothing, With Him all things are possible. Knock and a door shall be opened for you. Praise him from whom all blessings flow.

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