Saturday, August 06, 2005

working on the bathroom??

This is the ongoing saga of a bathroom ( master )

This is my Karma advertising at Mohawk.

everytime I have opened any type of magazine with style or focused on remodleing or bath, this ad jumps out at me. And we are working to some form of this shower, it will fall to me to do the tile and I for one am up for this challenge!! bring it on !!!

Steven has managed to re-route the water and the gas in prep of this chore. It has been a slow and painful 3 years since we first decided to really tackle this project... at first we really didn't think outside the box with this project, the bathroom is in such a way and has been this way for the life of the house that it was very difficult to think of a different configuration. Of course there is the matter of me being spoiled by having a private space even if it is not in great shape, I hate sharing my bathroom with just anyone LOL. So the thought of having to sacrifice my privacy and use the " kids Bathroom" just sucks, but at some point I will have to for at least a little while ( my hope is a few days tops) -- but there is still lots to be done, we have to actually take out concrete in the basement floor in order to get a drain in place for bath and shower and we are moving the toilet to another spot too, that will me re-routing its drainage too, though in the end I think we will be very happy with the out come.

We will have a seperate private toilet space and and double vanity , a jetted tub I hope and a seperate shower with some look of the above.

So a new wall is up as of last week and today one of the vanities and the sink is in place they are working on conecting it to the water too!! So maybe we will have a place to wash up faces and teeth. Steven and D are back there working, Steven trying to explain to D the whys of what he wants the outcome to be. YEAH !!

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