Wednesday, August 31, 2005

an incredably sad day for me

Yesterday afternoon, my boss gave me news about a co-worker , he had killed himself. I am incredably saddened and I am mad too! He was a smart man - though troubled and life was not always in his corner, he had weathered many other bad times in his life. He had seen his fair share of heart ache -lost a spouse and a child along time ago, He lived life hard though and didn't have "faith". I am mad he took his own life. How unfair to a child of 7 he leaves behind.

Then there is the news from my beloved NOLA-underwater, under marshal law and never to be the same again for me. I am saddened by all the loss of life and property and dignity. I am praying and sending money and donating blood. These are the things I can do.

and then Life goes on.....

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