Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Queuet mobile may be biting the big one

The Queue_t mobile may be biting the big one.

I am having a sad day in the life of the Van, it may now be time to move on, the transmission is slipping and we need to think of another vehicle solution.  It is a 1998 and it has been pretty good to us, we are sure we have gotten our monies worth.

I can’t believe how much this whole thing stresses me out – the cars on the fritz just make me want to loose all my cookies. I want to have a good vehicle but things haven’t really gone our way in the car department.  We don’t have a lot of debt right now but it is the little things that would make life easier. We don’t have a lot of free cash at the moment either. I am not sure how we can afford to buy anything and pay for it over the long term. This whole area just makes me weak. We are stretching our budget from end to end with no money coming in from J and T taking up her whole amount on the other, It is hard to believe we have gone for almost 18 months with D here in our house without monetary relief, now with J short changing us too, I am feeling the squeeze.

I feel bad to complain- I wish I had some magic wand to make this a better solution.

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