Tuesday, August 09, 2005

procrastination- Google "Tamara is"

This is from Michelle at scrapablitity
Well, the downunder scrappers have a new game to play. It should be called procastination, but here it is -

Via Ngaire, who got it from Kathryn -

Google “Yourname” Is and give us your top ten results (by the way - no cheating - don’t take out any just because you don’t like them - the top ten and only the top ten)

top ten results
The play Tamara is not the conventional modern theatrics spectacle with one ...Tamara is postmodern theater performed in a mansion with a dozen (or so) well I never knew I was a play!

To Write on Tamara ? covers a span of several years, and Tamara is not at the heart of all of it. Other experiences, including dorm life, Manuel's success .. Iam note sure what is being written about me at all.

tamara is also a vertical relative work enthusiast with nearly 600 vertical ...tamara is in the soup tamara mello's "tortilla soup" opens in august .. Hmmmn didn't know i was soup either, these are at least interesting

As a tag for the journal TAMARA, is the "stories we chase from room to room inthe mansion of organization science." We seek an interview with John Krizanc I like the fact that there might be a sort of scrapping reference here

The play Tamara is not the conventional modem theatrics spectacle with one ...Tamara is postmodern theater performed in a mansion with a dozen (or so) I have the company of others

Tamara is also a recipient of the National Speakers Association's Certified ...Tamara is married and has three children. She lives in Bozeman, Montana. Nope not me, I am married, but have 4 children and live in arvada

Queers Tamara Is A Punk lyrics. ... so you better not knock her Tamara is a punk,she's a real punk rocker Tamara is a punk and I wish she was my girl I've A punk rocker I am not and queer I am not either :)

One thing about Tamara is that she has never been good at sticking to her resolutions... Matter of fact, Tamara is likely to be President-for-life, unless, This is intersting, do they know me? I have a tough time sticking to my resolutions

queers LYRICS,Tamara Is A Punk ,Queers Tamara Is A Punk Lyrics, Queers Tamara IsA Punk Song no punk songs for me

Tamara is unusual in having danced three versions of Juliet. ... Asked aboutdeveloping Ashton style, Tamara is not sure what it is. - darn tooting i have know idea what they are talking about here LOL so there you have it my procrastination.

/google this" rel="tag">google this


ryan said...

It looks like your tag links are broken. You might want to take a look at those.

Queue_t said...

thanks Ryan ,

I am not very good at this tag thing! I am going to go look at your blog, seems like you have the tag thing down better than me.

Tamara aka queue_T