Monday, August 29, 2005

Lessons learned

We had a fairly mild weekend, weather was good, we stayed in for a bit and slept in on saturday morning ( after gettting up for J to go to football practice)
saturday night we went to a co-worker's mom's home for a end of summer music blowout- fun great music, my co-worker is a talented guy, so is his mom and her friends. Steven had a little too much fun with jose cuervo and endded up the night driving the porcelin bus!!
So sunday morning we didn't go to church don't tell on me! we slept in too, went to another friend's home to work on the computers and then went to pick up- kids and we went to dinner out.
We got notice from the city our #2 cougar is in code violation, so we now have to " do " something with it, we are probably just going to move it to the back yard and behind a fence so it can't be viewed from the street.
The city has our sidewalk all torn up in front of the houses on our side of the street, it seems anoying to me.
so today I am back on the grind stone and working. not even a layout done at the moment.

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