Thursday, August 11, 2005

well I am still not sure

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if this is the proper netiquette but I will try to track back

Nope I didn't manage that very well. so instead here is the perma link to Michelle at scrapablity on her entry is on comments on comments and also adressed by Angie Peterson Here
Both entrys are thoughtful and insightful addressing the need for comments on our blogs. Most of the time I just go on about my business and don't really mind that I am not an A-lister and not really too linked out there. Some times I get one comment or two and I really like that alot!

But you know I really just like having fun on a web page, It is definately a way for me to get my thoughts and feelings and fun things like a few layouts out there for my little world to see. So I just like the freedom of choise I have to post what ever trips my trigger.

Instead I will continue to read and post and try to link to those gals I really get a kick out of. And comment and thank them accordingly. Then I will link my little blog to theirs too and have a link back?!?! maybe that will be the best track back I can do.


swampangel said...

Here I am in the "now" moment.

I don't think the netiquette was written to be a burden, but a nice way to link and spread the "good" and share when you can.

I really appreciate your comments on my blog. Thank you.

Queue_t said...

Thanks for the comments too, I am glad to share the good all around and try new things and visit with new Bloggers and old friends too.

you have a great reminder to be in the now! And don't put off till later what we can do today.