Thursday, August 11, 2005

my blogging code thanks to Lindsay

My blogger code: B2 d t k s u-- f i o+ x- e+ l c- (decode it!)

b2* I've been blogging for 3-6 months.
d* I own 1 domain and keep my blog and any other content I produce on the same site.
t*I use Blogger, BigBlogTool, upsaid or other similar service to update a site on my own web host.
k* I link only to sites I like to read (and sites that I have time to read) on a regular basis.
s* I check my stats occasionally, mostly to discover new blogs that are linking to mine.
u--* I don't link to, nor read, any of the standard A-list blogs (Megnut, Kottke, Robot Wisdom, etc.). In fact, I've never heard of 'em.
f * I try to post once a day, but it doesn't always happen, and that's no big deal.
i*I blog from either home or work, but only after my work is done and when I get some free time.
o+* I blog some original material with the occasional web link with accompanying personal commentary about the link.
x-* I might flirt a little with other bloggers, but anything beyond that is out of the question.
e+* I have posted quite a few photos of myself, but I was fully clothed in them all, thankyouverymuch.
l* I've taken a few surveys or participated in a few memes, but there seem to be so many of them I have to pick and choose.
c* There are a few select people I've specifically kept in the dark about my blogging but, for the most part, most people know about it or could easily find it via a web search.

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