Monday, September 24, 2007

weather, chili and bambi

Today we had one of the greyest days I can remember - and Rain, wow and hail - yikes. I got to work a bit early, because we were having a fall chili cookoff and fun hour to team build at Lunch and I took my very famous secret ingredient chili. as I was going down the turnpike the rain started in earnest and by the time I was in front of the building... it was hailing and raining cats and dogs.

as for the chili- well you might have to dig in the archives to see what the secret ingredient is. But everyone loved it anyway!! It was the perfect day to eat chili and kick off fall. I made " silver spoon" awards for the best chili - the winner ( not me) got one with a blue ribbon. And a star bucks card.

the boys and S were disapointed that none of the chili made it back home. it was eaten and enjoyed.

we moved offices at work today, so I now have a more permanent home- but the phones are messed up and now no one has a key to thier own office. It is pretty funny. I went from two windows down to one that is a bummer-- but I got more wall space instead. so now I need to find a few things to take for my walls. I think I need a few plants too.


Kate said...

I thought it had been a while since I last blogged but it must be a while since I last sat at the computer. I can't believe this post has been up for a week! And the whole time I'm thinking, "What does Bambi have to do..." OH!! LOL!

Queue_t said...

YUP you got it!! the special ingredient Chilli!! everyone loved it LOL

I read and commented tonight on your blog too. Miss you.