Sunday, September 16, 2007

Four leaf Clover

Joanna Campbell Slan is writing on a blog called Killer Hobbies and I found this article in the archives and wanted to link here for K8 because we did this this year on spring break. We found a bunch of four leaf clover and it was so fun that K8 actually found them too. It is all about your perspective on life. Luck is where you find it.

here is her point :
Here's the point: In finding four-leaf clovers, as in most of life, luck is where you find it--and it's all in the way you look at things.
Posted by Joanna Campbell Slan at Killer Hobbies


Joanna Campbell Slan said...


Glad you enjoyed my four-leaf clover post.

You know, another way to look at this is what's called a paradigm shift. Most people "think" a four-leaf clover is hard to find. However, another way to "think" about it is that the four-leaf clover is the strange one in the bunch. Our brain plays tricks on us--interpreting the information it receives to agree with our notions.

Anyway, I hope you'll continue to stop by Killer Hobbies. My first novel is coming out Oct. 2, 2008, and I'm really excited about it.


Queue_t said...

Joanna - Oh I subscribed to killer hobbies!! with my bloglines. Thanks so much for the great stories and posts there. I am looking forward to your novel.