Monday, August 16, 2010

an emergency- and a floor

So my E.R Baby - strikes again. J nearly severed part of his thumb while at the house over the weekend cutting in Tiles for the upstairs bathroom. Why on a sunday? seems like this kid was destined to have emergencies. He was almost done and had about three cuts left to do when the razor utility knife cut right through the thumb but left it attached at the fingerprint pad. we were going to go and have dinner out but that got cutailed with and ER visit.
he got about 8 stiches and the doc used some super glue on his nail to hold it all together, we will see how it does in the next day or so, he has it wraped pretty well right now, but he will have to see it tomorrow . the ER recomended to go to a hand specialist too. so one step at a time right now. Life with boys always an adventure ( you seriously can't make this stuff up.

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