Thursday, June 17, 2010

Needing to get back to regular updates

Life has handed me a long list of to do's and at the end of the day I want to not do anymore.

But I have had a few great things that I haven't even covered here at all . 1st of all SSD2 has graduated!! unbelievable in some ways the best thing ever in others. He was wonderfully composed and did well through a long ceremony at Red Rocks amphitheater. He did not get the actual paper diploma, as he will be continuing to receive services from Jefferson county transitional services - this program geared to help him transition to bus riding and making his way to his Job ( he is employed one day a week!) I don't know if we ever dared to dream this type of good stuff would happen.

While we celebrated with SSD2, S' mom joined us with her friend PJ- for all the good stuff, she sprang for the best gift ever - a family photo- all of us and some of us and groups of us had pictures taken. We love them and will post up a few here as well as send hard copies to all the folks who will enjoy having the paper version as well as the digital version.

J has finally Made it too ! I am so proud he persevered and got his actual diploma and now has his Driver's licence too! it was a joy to have all the boys together in our photo and he is so handsome and sweet he agreed to do it for me. I love that kid - he turned 19 on may 30th too. unreal where the time has gone I will never know.

Hh is getting ready for high school - yikes hard to believe that we will be doing all kinds of things with her ( she was accepted to the PAH- program ) a performing arts and humanities studies inside her high school program. She has expresses a desire to go out for Softball, and we are spending some time and money outfitting the girl for the summer and beyond.

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