Friday, August 31, 2007

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

how are those for some words for you?? expensive stuff, made from shellfish and I don't know what, meant to help with joints ( not the smoking kind) like knees.... Why you may ask am I talking about this?? Well this photo was taken moments before I fell on my knees, really landing on the right one full on. It got pretty swollen, though the nurse on duty gave me great care and they brought me ice and we elevated and rested for the next two days they drove me most places so I didn't have to hike, but in the end I had a big big purple bruise, so I gave in and went to my Kaiser Doc.... well he took and x-ray..... and I really hadn't messed up anything to badly.
he offered to give me some pain meds, but I declined and decided to take my advil and get on with moving and staying active ( scince I had already been on it for a week at that point).
So to make this long story even longer, a few days went by and I get an e-mail. well low and behold I have arthitis in my knee read by the x-ray doctor , I have had it for a while. SO... one of the recomendations was the above combination of dietary suppliments not a cheap fix but if it works great, i can least try it and see if I get a little relief. :)


Kate said...

Ouch!! So glad nothing was broken. Hurt knees have got to be the worst.

Send me an e-mail address to use. My notes to you are being returned! I wanted to send you this because it made me think of your future layouts:


Lynette said...


I didn't know you were into "extreme sports" LOL.

But seriously let me know how that stuff works and if you feel a difference. I have been considering it for a long time.