Tuesday, August 21, 2007

School's in

Can you believe it my girlly girl is off to 6th grade this year? the last of the kids at home and now the last one in elementary school. She is very excited to go back to school, it has been a long boring summer for her.
She and SSD1 have gone to karate twice a week and that has been good for her. But she is ready to go DO something.
The boys are starting tomorrow too. I'll be looking forward to a little occupation all around. SSD1 is going to go to the technical school again and the last semester for him he will be there full time. I think he really is looking forward to that. He is in the culinary arts program. J has deceided to continue with public school ( I think some of his peers actually shamed him into it) so we will see how and when this will change.
SSD2 is going to be in 10th grade and is doing well, we look for him to be in the basketball program again this year. He is telling eveyone he wants braces, but I think a doctor or dentist visit to sit still and have some one give you pain is more than he really can wrap his brain around.
My Job is GREAT!!!!! I can hardly believe it has bee a little more than a month. I have already given 3 new employee benefits orientations. I am going to a convocation on thursday- should be interesting. I was told it is something fun especially if you are an alumni too.
so enough catching up, will try to post up HH tommorrow sometime.

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