Thursday, May 08, 2008

I haven't talked about J in a while...

It has been 6 months since J moved in with his dad J-ex, things have quieted down here, it has been a welcome relief in some ways that he is away from us. It is hard to talk about still. It still makes me tear up a bit to think of him fighting me so hard and long and what a relief to not fight and not stress about where he is what he's doing what non-sense i have to face.

I don't think things are ultimately better- he is still tardy and absent without cause too many times... but no one at the school holds him acountable for this either, 21 tardies in his first period class would make me insane if I were the teacher( what disrepect this shows) not to mention that you just plain miss out on the things that need to be done. I wish that things would be different for J, I wish he liked where he was at more. I feel badly that I made a tough love choice - but ultimately it was for the best for all of us. we certainly could not continue on the path we were on.

I am happy to see him and he is always willing to give me hugs so that is a good thing. his hair is back long- he is going to be 17 at then end of this month- it doesn't seem possible. someday I hope he will understand what it was like to do what I did.

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