Friday, July 31, 2009

Following along on Twitter hash tags for #chasummer

There have been lots of posts while people are at the Craft and Hobby Association ( cha) summer show. So i have been following along with what is called hash tags on twitter. This allows for some good close to real time pictures ( from phones) and some interesting interviews and some fun scrappers to follow on twitter.

There are a few items that have picked my interest and a few items that I go - hmmn really I should have thought of that! like people are impressed with the quickcutz L - letter press and interesting idea, but having worked in the printing industry and knowing about ink I think this is an interesting idea on an old craft, Letter pressing was what you had done for invitations and announcements. A kind of embossing but a bit in reverse- along with other things like die cutting it is fascinating to me to see these " older " printing techniques become new again.

the slice from making memories was just announced to be able to use drawing tips instead of cutting tips- again making old techniques new again. like the plotters and large scale presses. What will come up again soon? I would like to haqve the slice I think but am unwilling to pay the full retail for it.

How about color? you know my Pantone obsessions- colorstrology and other color topics are so interesting. here comunicating with color

( looks like a pretty guide)

Based on the colors of your eyes, hair, and skin (and your psyche) – discover your personal range of beautiful colors in Leatrice’s "Colortimes." Tear out your personal Colortime palette and take it with you to make shopping fun, easy, and in tune with you!

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