Thursday, April 28, 2011

The missing blogger (TMB)

That might be me.
It is time to fire up my life again as I know it.
I have decided to continue to blog.
I took a hiatus for a while as I recovered.... it has been one long hard year.

my long and varied illnesses have pursued me from the end of July a year ago up till now. I don't want to really go into them further- suffice it to say at this point I want to be moving ahead and I think I may just be right at the edge of that fork in the road!

I want to continue to document my everyday existence , the things I find inspiration in, the trials and tribulations of an ordinary life, raising children. pursuing art- working for a living.

I am looking forward to capturing images ( I already have with my camera on my new windows phone) with my trusty Kodak and with my mind.
I look forward to finding new friends and seeing and finding the old ones too. In the last few days Facebook has allowed me to re-connect to two friends from my days as an independent girl.
I am looking ahead to days of wine and roses with my S, amazingly we have celebrated our 12th anniversary this month.
I am looking ahead to a spring and summer of softball with Hh and then into the fall.
I am looking ahead to adventures long ago put aside.
I am looking forward to finding my voice again. - cards - letters-blogs and scrapping too

Thank you to anyone who has patiently waited for the return of this missing blogger. Kisses and big hugs for waiting to see about the rumors of my demise.

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Kathryn said...

I'm so excited that you're "back!" I think I need to do the same! :) Love you, Girl!