Friday, February 29, 2008

a great night

S called me on my way home stating he had " cabin fever" - so when I arrived home we looked for something fun to do, decieding on an outing to downtown Denver proper. So we loaded up the mom van and off we went, we landed at the Denver Pavillions and first just walked around doing a bit of shopping, at bath and body works Hh and I got lavander and chamomile sleep spray for pillows- oh my it smells so good, then we also purchased their newest fragrence line the Orchids and it has a hint of plumeria, exotic and a bit musky - nice too. while we were in there S went to Breaking the mold- a candle shop and purchased a candle ( round and smells wonderful too. we must have had a thing for that.

I should back up a minute here to say that we parked in a 10$ lot and waited about 10 minutes to put our money in the automated machine, when a nice lady drove up behind us and offered us her ticket as she was pulling away, well that was very nice we took it.

then off to the 16th street mall and a shuttle ride down to Larimer, then we decied on P.F. changs for dinner, we had to wait a bit, but the food was wonderful. and we even had a little bit of desert.

when we were done with dinner, we went back to the mall, where we all rode back to the pavillions in a horse drawn wagon it took all 5 of us and Hh loved everyminute of it. S and I hadn't done that since we got engaged. so all in all a great evening. Coming soon we will put up the high blue belts.

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