Friday, February 01, 2008

see this post- my birthday - her birthday

K8- knows how to do it up right, her theme parties are a scream. Interstingly as I talked to her last night I said I was going to re-post about this party, because on my sitemeter we can show I am directing trafic her way by having this photo linked to her Blog I am not entirely sure why it comes up in images, except in my original post I said this would be my kind of party, and quoted Gretchen Wilson lyrics - red neck woman.

Well I am not going to have a theme party- but I did ask for a few things. One that I didn't get at Christmas was a shower radio- I am hoping for that?!? and, hmmn I also stated that I wanted a " cold stone birthday cake" with chocolate and cherry and that took some effort on S's part. So I am hoping that will be a part of my party. He already did a good deed with my Cherry chocolate Dr. Pepper this was in limited release, not sure how much longer we can get it.

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