Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well I haven't posted in a while on the status of Mom- She is finally at home and doing well. She did get to go home the day before christmas eve.

So after the initial week I spent in Colorado Springs taking care of issues with the intensive care and hopsital stay. Mom was moved to a skilled care facility- nearer to home, my Brother ( older) went with Dad to be sure this was a good fit for her. She seemed o.k. with it. At first when she was in the hospital she didn't want to work on getting around, out of bed or anything, for the 1st week or so she didn't even want to watch T.V. ( her thing- soaps) - this was tough. My bro and SIL came down from WY and my Brother went back after two days., SIL stayed with dad ( she does not work at the moment outside the home) Then my brother came back the end of week 2 and took his wife, they had a trip scheduled for Dec- christmas holidays to HI - so off they went mid month. At that point Dad was doing better and the two of them were in a little routine.

I went down the monday before Christmas and then She went to the apartment the Next day. Surprizingly she was doing well at the skilled care and they really worked her to be able to do the stairs and get around. So she was back to almost her fiesty self by the time I saw them again.
She was still fatigued when I went down on the 5th of Jan, but overall the improvment is tremendous.

for the next three months I am on a every other monday rotation to c/springs for work. We are still tring to fill a position there and are filling in on a weekly basis. I am glad I will be able to see Mom and Dad regularly for the next few months. there isn't much more to it the apendix is out, the incissions healed and stamana is returning. So onward we all go.

soon it will be birthday time. yeah.

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