Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1000 posts later!

I can hardly believe I have 1000 posts with this one! When I started writing this blog i wasn't sure where it would lead - I had boys at home all the time :) LOL and a girly girl Hh, I craft , I alter, I vent and I have taken tons of pictures.

I don't get as much traffic as I used too and i have slowed a bit on my posts, my life has lost it's young boys and they are all growing up. But I still love this form of communications and it is like a little piece of me i can leave in the world. it has allowed my the opportunity to document my life with kids and spouse and friends. it still allows me to show the world what things i love and care about. What things I discover a passion for.... how i live and what i do. it has been there for me to tell about the hardships of raising sons and the hardships of losing a job and gaining a new one. the tough things and the joyous things the little things we celebrate and the big things we take for granted.

My life is full of things I love - things i am so blessed with that i can't imagine how i could want to be anywhere else. I still have my desires for material things that I don't have, I want to be able to get out of the debts i do have and i want to be even happier in the future. just a few things on my list ! LOL but i am always traveling down the path that god is directing me i am still rowing along but he steers an awful lot and i am a grateful soul that he is in my life.

So thank you my friends and family that are loyal readers and love to " see what we are up to" here in my little corner of the world. I feel your presence in my life and i hope this blog continues to provide you with joy in your life and you learn a little something every now and then. You all inspire me to keep posting my thoughts on life and what it gives us.

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