Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am

I am inspired by artists and scrapbook keepers, story tellers and nature

I am a daughter ( an only daughter- not an only child!)

I am a mother to an only daughter ( she also is not an only child) and three sons. (step mother too) this is the best job in the world with the least pay or benefits.

I am an artist - I work in paper and paint and photos. I love the world I create with my own thoughts.

I am a sister to my two brothers- each one needing me in a different way

I am an aunt to my nephew- how I love all these guys/boys/men that surround me.

I am the rock and the diplomat - in my family each revolve around me and my love is for them all. family and friends turn to me.

I am the most unconditional but my dad is who I model - his love , his funny humor and his trusting nature are my guideposts.

I am a wife, for that I am ever in gratitude to the lord for giving me the best, and saving it for last. to find my soul mate and friend in my husband is joy without end.

I am sensitive , I hurt at the unjustness in the world, I cry at the drop of a hat, i cry when I am frustrated or happy too.

I am a co-worker along side my team mates and others, working for good. Raised with the depression era work ethic handed down by my parents and their parents, I take responsibility seriously.

I am a friend better sometimes than others, needier sometimes than others, mentoring sometimes, being lifted up sometimes, but most of all loyal and true.

I am hard to define for myself..... LOL


Kathryn said...

You left out beautiful. :) Love you!

Queue_t said...

oh my friend you are the best, I can count on you to find the best things in me !