Thursday, December 10, 2009

more crafty things

All of my team has these note boards on our office doors- they have 3m sticky stuff on top and white board on the bottom.
in febuary- I send out my round of valentine cards and I wanted to do something fun and nice for my co-workers in my office. Well I made a little tage these are about the size of a Mini Pearl price tag and made of the same white card and white cotton string. Well I made the 1st of a whole tradition in the makeing and then one said you could do one a month with a theme and the idea just took off. each of my co-workers gets a tag on their door display each month and everyone looks forward to the little tiny reminder to smile.
so Fab was hearts and valentine, march was the shamrock, april is the rain showers, may was the flowers- in pots, June was the beach, july the red white an blue stars theme, august was the sun shine, September was back to school, october is the pumpkins on black tags, november is the leaf shaped tags and December the christmas trees!

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Kate said...

Cute, cute, cute!